Seychellesis known for encompassing world’s richest land where one can go and enjoy fishingapart from boating, snorkelling, hiking. Seychelles is basically divided interrestrial, marine and mountainous kind of national parks and that’s thereason why it has a diversity within same country, giving tourists opportunity toenjoy three major kind of environments, terrestrial, marine and mountainous.Bays provide the tourists with the opportunity to enjoy the sun-bath along withpeaceful and calm surroundings. The beauty of the marine environment is highlycaptivating and attracts the tourists from all over the world. Mountainousareas captivate tourists for its amazing trails and tracks. Furthermore, thelargest park of Seychelles is mountainous. It serves as dreamland for theadventurous people and its exotic beauty attracts the tourists from around theglobe. It comprises many National Parks, some of immense importance, havinghistoric roots and serving as reservoirs to their culture and traditions.

Naming the most famous ones; Baie Ternay Marine National Park; Morne NationalPark of Seychelles and Morne National Park of Seychelles.BaieTernay Marine National Park-SeychellesThespeciality of this peculiar park of Seychelles is that it’s location is inmarine environment and there are no land routes to reach here, one can only gothrough boating and enjoy the wholly marine vista. Ternay Bay is highlybeautiful in terms of its surrounding, all green and refreshing, bringing theultimate peace to the visitors.

One can see while lying on the beach, thebeautiful large whales wandering and swimming lazily here and there in the baywhile enjoying sun-bath and reading a book may be or enjoying music. Inaddition to that, the crystal-clear water in the bay provides clear view of themarine life living inside and enables tourists to enjoy the planktons.MorneSeychelles National ParkMorneNational Park constitutes the land of 3,045 hectares and that’s the reasonconsidered as the largest park of the Seychelles. Another attribute that addsto its importance is that, it is also the oldest one, created long ago in 1979year. The mountainous nature of this park adds to its beauty, providing thetourists with exotic trials and tracks.

This park is located at the highestpeaks of the Island Mahe, Seychelles. On the way to the park there arebeautiful Seychelles birds which entertains the tourists, these includesSeychelles Bulbuls, Seychelles sunbird and Seychelles swiftlets.SainteAnne Marine National ParkTheSainte Anne Marine National Park is known for its history, as it has served asa base for Royal Marines for the purpose of the defence of Victoria Harbour inthe past.

It holds greater importance for the inhabitants of Seychelles as itis a reservoir of their culture and traditions and provides tourists with aninsight of life style and history of Seychellois people. This marine parkconstitutes 6 islands, all rich in their exotic beauty and eye-catching vistagiving a look of heaven to the tourists and adding to the never forgettablememories.


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