Sexual objectification of women is viewingthem exclusively as custom-made objects of desire instead of individuals ofintricate personalities. Sexuality has been a debatable topic for a long timeand there have been many theorists pondering on its effects on societies andcultures all over the world, Prostitutionis viewed differently throughout civilisation and holds a lot of adverse views,but no one really discusses the advantages and disadvantages of prostitutionbeing legalized. Authorities havetried to ban the sex trade for eras, but prostitution blooms in the Internetage. Sex work is not going away. What changesis how cultures, religions and societies construe and influence both thesetting in which sexual intercourse between men and women occurs and the typeof relationships in which pregnancy is encouraged. Religious views on legalisationof prostitution run the extent from acceptable yet discouraged to outright prohibited.

Prostitution is also illegal in manyparts of the world. Sex according to religious views is a sacred act and shouldonly be reserved for married couples.Whenlegalizing prostitution, you should look at the overall impact and theinfluence it would have not only on the prostitute and society but on thegovernment and weather it can be policed. (add reference) Debating Europe, Dignifyingprostitution as work does not dignify the women, it simply dignifies the sexindustry.

However, some believe that by calling for legalisation of prostitutionthey are dignifying and professionalising the women in prostitution. Dignifying prostitution as work does not dignify the women itdignifies the sex industry.In prostitution,men remove women’s humanity. Buying a woman in prostitution gives men the powerto turn women in to living, breathing masturbation fantasy. He removes thequalities that define her as an individual and for him she becomes a sexualisedbody parts. Although some women enjoy what they do many have described it as “paidrape”.prostitutionis sexual harassment and sexual exploitation his payment does not erase whatthey know about sexual violence, domestic violence and rape.

  It is estimated around 60,000 to 80, 000 sexworkers in the UK majority are women working on the street or more commonly nowin indoor environments.The number of sex workers in the UK is estimated to bearound 72,800 with about 32,000 working in London. Sex workers have an averageof 25 clients per week paying an average of £78 per visit. In 2014–15, therewere 456 prosecutions of sex workers for loitering and soliciting.

An estimated152 sex workers were murdered between 1990 and 2015. 49% of sex workers (in onesurvey) said that they were worried about their safety.Countries that have decriminalised the sex industry, many men who would not risk buying women forsex now see prostitution acceptable. Legalisation of prostituition sends messageto new generation of men and boys that women are sexual commodities and thatprostitution is harmless fun.Women in different cultures, to a great extent are disregarded and unseenin their community, many of us are not aware of the magnitude and realities ofthis problem. We do not consider them as a cause worth fighting for as we dofor the improvement of the poor, abused, homeless, oppressed and ailing.

Tomake matters worse, misinformation is widespread, and the voices of formerprostitution victims are methodically silenced. factors contributing to thewidespread practice of prostitution include: rejection of the existence of suchproblems, spreading of the truth hinders men’s comfort and pleasure in usingwomen, impediment of success of the industry,Prostitution is a highly stigmatized taboo subject, people would rathernot hear details about. Many of us may have the idea that prostitution is achoice and the women enjoy what they do. The reality is quite divergent formany of them.

On many occasions, denials, conflicts, and difficultcircumstances often lead to desperation, and desperation forces these womeninto the practice of prostitution. Majority are uneducated women who live inpoverty and possess few sought-after skills. Prostitute many of the times are, singlemothers making ends meet for their children,deployed homeless teenagers and emigrant sufferers of human trafficking.We criminalize them for living in adultery, spreading diseases, disruptingfamily establishments, and giving birth to innocent, illegitimate children whosuffer for having disreputable mothers, we fail to see the spectrum of theconsequences of prostitution. The consequences are not only overwhelming to thesociety, but also to the prostitute herself as a person. It destroys heralready traumatised life. She is unable to grow trust in relationships andslowly numbs herself, to the point where she loses the ability to feignattachments to anyone or anything. To survive this overwhelming, daily ordeal,she dissociates from her real self, originally as a defence mechanism; sadly,it reaches to the point of complete shutdown, where she is stripped of heridentity, and over time, she disappears.

Inadequate law enforcement, economic instability, poor planningto improve standards of living, and the community turning a blind eye toprostitution make this problem difficult to control. Furthermore, thetraffickers bribe authorities to sustain the illegal operations, and there areeven authorities who take advantage of the prostitutes. Legalised sex work laws will drivethe sector underground which makes the profession even more dangerous for thepeople involved in it. That will violate the Equal Protection right which canonly prosecute the service providers without remotely punishing the users ofthe serviceThe prostitutes do not report anycase of violence due to fear of being prosecuted for their professional involvement.

They are de-humanized by the society at large such that any crime committedagainst them is not considered a crime at all. This is an abuse of their basichuman right to dignified life.  Respect denied to prostitutes needs to be reinstatedat the earliest and the profession needs to be dignified in the eyes of the communities.The only way of bringing aboutany change in the system is by providing alternate avenues of employment whichcan only happen if prostitutes have the freedom to come out in the open toavail those options. Till the time they live a misleading-life dreading societyevery moment they live, the coming peers will not see the light of the day. Asolution can only be found if the problem is brought to the forefront. OverallSex work should be legalised to safeguard individuals who are in thisprofession. Also, to void men preying on young girls and single young women itsmuch better if they go to professionals who are properly rewarded for theirservices and its all open and above board.

But if sex work is legalised wouldthat mean more women will end up in this profession and we will never be ableto really identify if it was out of choice or forced by head of Brothelsbecause law will be on there side to allow such work to be carried out. Wouldthat not put more women in danger? Some believe it will only increase organisedcrime. Once the are in prostitution individuals will not be able to avoidsexual harassment, sexual exploitation and acts that are equivalent to mentaltorture. Women should have the right to survive without going intoprostitution. Most women in prostitution do not have a choice they are forcedinto prostitution by sex inequality, economic inequality and race/ethicinequality.


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