Sexting is defined as sending sexual messages, photos, or video on any digital device. Sexting includes messages, photos, and videos that contains partial or full nudity and text messages that propose sex acts. As the use of cellphones and tablets by children and teens increases so do the risks that they will send or receive sexually explicit content.sexting by underage teens and children is a matter of ongoing study. Sexting is often brushed off as a joke, seen as a way of getting attention, or trying to flirt, yet it is a very serious issue. A photo or text correlating between two people can quickly become a viral phenomenon even though it is believed it will be kept private. In some cases some participants discover their personal conversations or photos(that they thought were private) have been shared widely with others causing severe consequences or being in trouble with the lawThe severity of sexting is not always understood, while laws on sexting varies throughout the 50 States they all have some type of legal enforcement. Lawful acts from sexting include arrests of minors who have shared photos of themselves or other underage teens, containing pictures of others, or simply the act of showing someone else an explicit photo of another minor. In the article U.S. Sexting Laws and Regulations published by Mobile Media Guard states,” Promoting (the act of taking the picture of a minor who is engaged in a sexual act, even if the person taking the photo is the object of the photo) or coercing or soliciting (requesting a minor or tricking a minor into sending a sexually explicit image) is a crime in and of itself” (Mobile Media Guard). A teen who coerces for a sexually explicit image can be charged (even if they do not receive photos) and if they send the picture to anyone else they are looking at distribution charges.A minor who takes a naked picture of themselves and sends it to another person has theoretically committed 3 crimes. The teen could be charged with distributing, promoting and possessing child pornography and if convicted, could end up in jail for a very long time. If a teen is convicted of containing or spreading child pornogrpahy multiple times, the conviction has a high chance of being a felony and require the teenager to register as a sex offender. Therefore no picture is worth taking, asking for, or sharing because it come could with many consequences and potential jail time.Vanessa Hudgens is a world-renowned actress, best known for her role in the movie series “High School Musical” yet that all came to a halt in 2007. In 2007 the former Disney star nude photos were leaked when she was just 18. Vanessa Hudgens almost lost her contract with Disney and other job opportunities, changing her life forever. The High School Musical actress originally sent explicit photos of herself to Nickelodeon star Drake Bell but was leaked by hackers onto the Web. Hudgens’ nude photos resulted in an investigation against a group of hackers that break into celebrity computers and mobile devices to steal private photos and personal items. Seeing as Hudgens’ is a widely known actress her situation was very much in the spotlight and media make the issue worse.  Vanessa Hudgens made a statement to the People Celebrity magazine saying,” I am very embarrassed over the situation and regret having ever taken these photos.” (People Celebrity). The photos that she took could have ruined her career and nonetheless her life, yet she was lucky that after everything was cleared up, her jobs were still intact and she did not face any jail time. Even though she did not get in trouble with the law she still lost fans and her image is still looked at differently today. When teenagers ages 13-18 were interviewed over 65% of them admitted to sending,seeing, or sharing explicit photographs, even well known people have taken part in sexting. Sexting is a world-wide issue and is seen everywhere andVanessa Hudgens’ is just a prime example of someone who was negatively affected by it.Many teenagers view sexting as a harmless act yet it can be quite serious, especially when it is involving minors. It is important for teens to understand that federal law can come into play in these cases and can ruin their life forever. All in all no picture is worth losing everything for.Self Reflection:Relating to myself I need to realize that my actions could spiral into something else and eventually get me into severe consequences. Sexting is devaluing myself and worth. In high school sexting may seem like the social norm, yet I should not fall into peer pressure or feel as if I need to expose myself to be liked. I have many things going for me and I should not risk it all over a boy or a picture.


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