Seven Seas Pool & Spa proudly announces the addition of  Sealy & Tempur mattresses in addition to our line of products & showrooms.  Both of these products have most desired traits of memory foam support and no motion transfer across the sleeping surface.We are renowned for building quality in-ground pools and providing special attention you won’t find at other companies. As you already know At Seven Seas, we offer the widest selection of hot tubs for sale in Pittsburgh as well as peace of mind. Now we decided to close the circle/triangle with  Sealy & Tempur mattresses and offer you the best possible swim, soak and sleep experience.

Triangle of health.Pools:Swimming is one of the best exercises in which you’re able to get a high-quality workout and keep stress level on your joints as low as possible.Swimming gets your heart rate up while your lungs get a workout. It’s great exercise that burns calories and should be carried out few times a week for maximum benefits to your circulation heart, and lungs.

Hot Tubs:Among many health benefits like reducing stress level and blood sugar level. Relaxing in a hot tub will also improve circulation and therefore heal sports injuries, as the heat can soothe muscle spasms and improve recovery time.Mattresses:A memory foam mattress supports entire body evenly by spreading your weight across the bed’s surface. The mattress contours to your body’s curves, supporting the lower back and allow your spine to stay in a neutral position. Combination of pressure point relief and support in memory foam mattresses helps reduce current pain and preventing it as well. Not to mention a huge boost in your overall sleep quality.Take a moment to discover the new mattresses or call/email to set up an appointment to visit a showroom and speak to one of our certified professionals.

We are looking forward to your satisfaction and welcome your feedback. We’ll do all we can to make your Seven Seas experience positive.As always, thank you for choosing Seven Seas.


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