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Mr.Vongala Sai sumith reddy has asked me to write a reference letter to escort his application for masters program in Physics at Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics. I am well pleased to give a recommendation for such a talented student who is at the top of his highly proficient and competitive class. I would particularly

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The sun is rising east of Eden – metaphorically.No metaphor is goodenough, these days. The flavour of language changes. Wires,aerials, satellite chatter – it’s all little blips of light, information telegraphedas fast as physics allows. That’s the zeitgeist, the modern cross, the realstakes, where the rubber hits the road – it cuts itself off mid-thought.

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Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. His parents Hermann Einstein, a salesman and engineer, and Pauline Koch had one other child, Albert’s sister, Maja Einstein. In 1880 the family moved to Munich where Hermann founded the electrical engineering company Einstein & Cie. Albert learned to speak at a late age

Mathematics encouraged to provide mathematics problems which are

Mathematics or particularly applied mathematicsis widely used in every engineering fields. In this paper, several examples ofapplications of mathematics in mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineeringare discussed. Applications here are the real ones found in the engineeringfields, which may not be the same as discussed in many mathematics textbooks.The purpose of this paper is to relate

Introduction amount of energy in an isolated system

IntroductionThermodynamics generally begins in the nineteenthcentury when Otto von Guericke designed and construct the world’s first vacuumpump.  It is based on laws of universal applicabilityand is a branch of physics that study work and energy of a system.   Thermodynamic can be describe as a collectionof laws and principles the illustrate the flow of interchange

I his work to be genuine and excellent.

I have known Mr.Vongala Sai Sumith Reddy for the past three years and taught him”Linux Programming”. He has keenknowledge of the fundamentals and strong ability to apply the concepts. He hasperformed very well in his academics. I believe that he has high potential forsuccess in your institution. He had been extremely active as a coordinator

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1. Breathe clean air on your commute”As a bicyclist, I’m involved with the poor air quality, therefore I’m testing a product that addresses this issue, associate degreeanti-pollution mask from Tegru.The mask options active fans that delivers the user clean air with no compromise in comfort via its style. Future models also willembody air quality monitors integration with sensible cities.”Sam Onwugbenu, Founder, Altitude school LTD2. attempt scooter-sharing on your thanks to work”I recently used the scooter sharing service/app YUGO in port. That


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