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Parliament is known as the ‘backbone’ on the British constitution. Lord Hailsham phrase an ‘elective dictatorship’ does exist to an extent. Power has always resided in Parliament however, ‘Parliamentary sovereignty’ over recent years has diminished. Executives do have power if they win a majority of votes. Democracy within the United Kingdom still exists as power

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The definitions of privacy vary significantly in different fields, ranging from a right in law, to a  boundary regulation, limited access or isolation in philosophy and psychology, to control in social sciences and information systems. Numerous works in diverse fields have helped in  improving one’s understanding of privacy at the individual, organizational, and societal levels;

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Embracing the indispensable relationship between the legislature and the judiciary,and their respective constitutional responsibilities, provides an opportunity to consider the benefits of differing academic perspectives, in relation to the value of theoretical understanding of the practice of administrative law.1 Ultra vires is indicative of an act being beyond the scope of its power. However, it

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 Inevery contract of carriage of goods by sea, there is an implied obligation thatneeded the parties in the agreed contract to follow, involving the carrier toprovide a seaworthy ship. Also, needed them to meet and undergo the perils ofthe sea and other incidental risks where they are obliged to expose in thecourse of a voyage.

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In the UK, the courts have had an increasing confidence to challenge the Supremacy of Parliament. This is because they are gradually shifting towards a similar role to that of the courts in the US Constitution. This is evident by the fact they are increasingly upholding constitutional principles which Parliament has tried to breach.  The US

Introduction child care proceedings. This paper will begin

Introduction Thepurpose of this assignment is to consider the roles and obligations of TUSLAChild and Family Agency in pubic law child care proceedings. This paper willbegin by providing the reader with a brief overview of TUSLA’s duties inproviding for the welfare and protection of children. Following on from this,section 12 of the Child Care Act 1991

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It should be pointed out right at the beginning that there is no complete definition of consideration in the English law, the only definition stems from case law which some would say makes it subjective. It goes without saying that the doctrine has a very narrow scope making it a rather confusing body of rules,


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