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Table 1. Comparisonof present study results of the water compartment of river Ganga with othernational and international researchers.  S. no. Pesticide name Present study result of water compartment of river Ganga (ng/l) National researchers Results (ng/l) International Researchers Results (ng/l) 1 ?BHC 41.3-64.1 22-1119 (Agnihotri                etal.1993), 110-99520 (Nayak                 etal. 1995) 0-290 (Shankara         ramakrishnan

The population can grown in 50 years. Population

The world of agriculture has changed in many many ways from the 1900s to today. The Population has changed insanely since the 1900s. According to html the population in 1950 was about 7,800,000 people lived in texas, and in 2016 there was about 27,900,000 people living here. The population almost quadrupled in size And that only in

Kanchana. plant growth promoting rhizobacteria with antifungal activity

Kanchana. S, Priyanka. V, Rajesh Kumar. N, Saiganesh.V. S, Santhosh. M, Iyappan. S   Screening of plant growth promoting rhizobacteriawith antifungal activity for Fusariumoxysporum AbstractThe plant growth promoting bacteria present in rhizosphere (PGPR)of many plants species  have a beneficialeffect on plants either in a direct (nutrients and hormones) or indirect manner(defence mechanism). The  antagonistic propertyof plant

It problems in the manner of soil erosion

It is evident that ethanol as a fuel is more economically viable and safe. However it is also 20-30 cents more expensive to make per litre to the petroleum alternative, large amounts of arable lands would need to be devoted to growing suitable crops with consequent problems of soil erosion, deforestation, fertiliser runoff and salinity

Black Madonna's

African presence in Europe Black Madonna’s (Black Virgins) According to Scheer Black Madonna’s have went from majesty to mystery with the construct of race as a science toward the end of the 18th century. With this construct of race it begins to dramatically undermine the pious interpretations of the objects and images surrounding the Black


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