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Table 1. Comparison of present study results of the water compartment of river Ganga with other national and international researchers.   S. no. Pesticide name Present study result of water compartment of river Ganga (ng/l) National researchers Results (ng/l) International Researchers Results (ng/l) 1 ?BHC 41.3-64.1 22-1119 (Agnihotri                etal.1993), 110-99520 (Nayak                 etal. 1995)

Stephen he studied black holes and space time

Stephen William Hawking is a very famous and smart scientist.  He accomplished many things and is very successful.Stephen Hawking had a great family and early life.  He was born in Oxford, England on January 8, 1942, and in 1950, he moved to St Albans, Hertfordshire, where he went to school with his two younger sisters.

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    Parapontocaris  levigata  Chace, 1984  Common name : Synonyms : Distribution : Indo-West Pacific: Madagascar to Japan, South China Sea and Indonesia. Environment : Marine; Benthic; depth range 217 – 659 m  Size : Collection site : Sakthikulangara Species examined : 2 specimens examined Description : Rostrum  moderately elongate, armed with 2 subequal pairs

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1. Introduction One of the major factors which implies molecular reactivity in chemistry is electron affinity (EA). Explicitly, species with high EA typically act as strong oxidizing agents in chemical processes and capture an excess electron to become strongly bound negative ions. As it is well known, among the chemical elements halogen atoms exhibit the

The point of deductive logic is to end

The deductive approach to the scientific method is nothing more than deductive logic. To these theorists, this logic is the ultimate key and best path to knowledge. Its purpose is to present us undeniable beliefs about the world. The basis for this logic is to move from general propositions to a specific proposition. It starts

Mr.Vongala is gaining knowledge in the field of

Mr.Vongala Sai sumith reddy has asked me to write a reference letter to escort his application for masters program in Physics at Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics. I am well pleased to give a recommendation for such a talented student who is at the top of his highly proficient and competitive class. I would particularly

Ronil This could be implemented on solar panels

 Ronil ChaudharyOctober-25-2017Science News According to the article “lightest robot that can fly, swim and take off from water” A new robot/drone/boat weighs as much as 6 grains of rice is the lightest robot that can fly, swim and launch from water. This new insect-inspired tiny robot that can move between air and water is very


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