Saving Account:Peoplewith fixed salary generally prefer savings account. This account offers them anopportunity to save a portion of their present income and which produce interestthat can be used to meet future needs. Any person can open a savings account inAgrani Bank by depositing Tk. 100. This is an interest paying account andAgrani Bank offers 8% interest, based on the saved amount interest may be paidmonthly or annual or other time intervals, which is higher than short-termdeposits but lower than fixed deposits  account. Bank enforces certain restrictions onthe numbers and amount of withdrawals from a savings account. .

An advancenotice of seven days is necessary (i) to extract money more than twice in aweek or (ii) to draw money more than 25% of balance amount, otherwise the accountholder will not get any interest of that particular month. 15%  Value added Tax (VAT) is imposed on interestearned amount. Time Deposit:Those  deposits which are held by bank and financialinstitution for fixed period plus other deposits that can be withdrawn bynotice only are called time deposit. From the above definition we come up withtwo types of time deposit:i)Deposits that are kept with bank or other financial institution for a fixedperiod is called fixed depositsii)Other deposits that can be withdrawn from the bank and other financialinstitution by notice only  are calledspecial time deposits.   Fixed Deposits: Deposits that are kept for a fixed period witha bank is called fixed deposit .This deposits kept in bank once in an account. Usuallya big amount of money is reserved in this account. Period of deposit differsfrom 3 months to 60 months.

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Advance can be drawn against fixed deposit, One canwithdraw the money of fixed deposit before the deadline of the period but theperson will get interest in a  previousentitled ceiling interest rate. But to get this one has to deposit the amountfor at least 3 months to become worthy for interest. The interest rates offixed deposits are as follows:Depositceiling Deposit ceiling3months & above but less than 6 months 4.506months & above but less than 1 year 4.

751year & above but less than 2 year 5.002year & above but less than 3 year 6.003year & above but not more than 5 year 7.00 SpecialTime Deposit: Usually different types of organizations like government,autonomous, semi-autonomous organizations maintain this type of account.

Anotice is to be given before 7 days of withdrawal of the deposit. Mentionedamount in the notice will be excluded from interest consideration. Currentinterest rate is 4.00%.

AgraniBank tries to provide customer services in better way. Agrani Bank has thefollowing facility of remittance within and outside the country.1.      Demanddraft2.

      Payorder3.      Telegraphictransfer  Demand Draft (DP):Ademand draft is an unconditional order of the bankers to one branch to anotherto pay to some   amount to a person ororder the amount to be maintained therein on demand. Pay Order (PO):payorders are written orders, issued by a branch of bank, to pay a certain amountof money to a particular person or a bank .It is sometime said as to be abanker’s check as it is issued by a bank and. payable by itself.

 Telegraphic Transfer ( TT):Atelegraphic Transfer is a method of remittance, which is made by the bankerthrough a coded telegram attested by secret check signal, on receipt of it, thepaying office pay the amount to the payee by crediting his/her account.   2. Credit operation:AgraniBank provides a wide range of loans and advances to different industries.Agrani Bank provide credit in trade and commerce, agriculture, industry, housingand other industries, Bank has recognized the following industrial sectors astop priority sectors and has decided to provide loans and advances at aconcession interest rate that is going on:1.                 Agro-based industry like processing and conservationof local fruits2.                  Informationtechnology and computer software.

3.                  Electronics4.                  Frozenfood.5.                 Nontraditional exportable agricultureproducts6.                  Artificial flower production.7.

                  Exportableleather products.8.                  Presentationitems.9.

                  Jewelryand diamond cutting and polishing.10.              Exportablejute goods.11.              Stuffedtoys,12.

              Cultivationof silkworm and silk industry.13.              Oiland gas.14.

             Textile industry (except RMG). Organizational structureAgraniBank has a board of directors comprise of seven members as authority of bank’sinternal policy making. The government employs chairman and director of theboard. Managing Director is a member the board of directors and at the sametime chief exceptive of the bank.

Board of directors implement administrative,business, financial power and internal policy of bank under the power orauthority assigned upon the board by the government. The bank has 11 Circleoffices, 25 Divisions in head office, 62 zonal offices and 879 branchesincluding 27 corporate and 40 AD (authorized dealer) branches.Organizational structure of Arani bank ltd is divided into five layers such as:1.                 Head office2.                  Circle3.

                  Zone4.                  Corporate branch5.                  Branch      Strategic issue facing by Agranibank ltdThereare at list four strategic issues are facing by Agrani bank ltd. They aremention below·        Technological development·        Customer satisfaction·        Regulatory pressure·        Increasing competition.

 Technological development:Bill Gates (2008)announced that banking is essential, banks are not. This quotation means thatthe traditional bank branch is going to be replaced by the technology drivenmodern banking and this will attract new users. For more then a decade, the fast development ininformation and communication technology has significantly affected the bankingsector.

Banks and other financial institutions have worked a lot to improvetheir services as financial intermediary through adopting various InformationTechnologies. Technology has become a very important element that facilitatesbanks’ organizational structures, business strategies, customer services andrelated functions. The current “Information Technology (IT)revolution” has created far-reaching impact on economics, in general, andthe financial service industry, in Bangladeshi Banking industry isnot a exception of this the recent technological development has created a hugeimpact on bangladesi banking industry as well as the 


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