Saunders , M., Lewis , P., and Thornhill, A. (2009) described the research as something that people conduct in order to find out things on logical relationships and not just beliefs and in that way they increase their knowledge. Saunders et al. (2009) emphasized that the researcher should have a clear set of things to find, such as answers to a question or a number of questions. Elsafty (2017) explained the importance of understanding the research process for managers; The manager will be able to conduct his or her own scientific research or at least be able to recruit another person to do research by being able to write the research requirements. Ability to evaluate, accept or reject others.

Elsafty (2017)  mentioned the main methods of research (quantitative method, qualitative method and mixed approach). Sekaran, U., and Bougie, R. (2009) defined the Business research  “as an organized, systematic, data-based, critical, objective, scientific inquiny or investigation into a specific problem, undertaken with the purpose of finding answers or solutions to it”;  Saunders et al. (2009)  highlighted the differences between applied and basic researches, where applied research aims to better understanding of a specific business problem and results in solving the problem within a limited time frame and a new knowledge is limited to the problem. Goals are discussed with the researcher.

While basic research aims to expand knowledge about business processes and results in global principles within a flexible time frame, the objectives and subjects are chosen by the researcher.Both basic and applied researches have to be conducted  in a scientific way, So that the researcher obtains effective results that effectively solve the problem that has been investigated. (Sekaran & Bougie, 2009).

; (Elsafty, 2017) explained the process for conducting business research: where applied research is conducted using deductive reasoning process by applying conclusion (a theory) to solve a specific 9E problem. While the basic research is conducted using Inductive reasoning process by observing specific phenomena and on this basis arrive at general conclusions”.Deduction approach process: it includes six stages start by problem definition (specific work settings 9E) then literature review, then research design, data collection, data analysis and then the conclusion. as per the attached figurephase#1:- PD includes( Researcher logical belief, 9E& contextual analysis, Stockholder analysis, Major research question, Minor research questions, -Claims “possible answers to Minor research questions” and Conceptual model)phase#2: Lit Rev includes(Select model &/or theory, Identification, Evaluative, Document using APA)phase#3:  RD Theoretical framework, -integrate conceptual design (PD)  & selected model (Lit rev), Generate hypotheses for testing)Phase#4: Data collection then Phase#5: Data analysis  then Phase#6: ConclusionEthical behavior is applied to the whole research process, including the organization  and the managers (research owner), the researcher who conduct the research and the stakeholders and the samples who provide the researcher with the needed data at different stages.(Sekaran & Bougie, 2009)


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