Most individuals who wake up and do as they please without conforming to a set of suffocating guidelines consider having freedom normal. On the other hand, for some especially in the Middle East true freedom is unknown. For them, they can only follow guidelines laid out by the society and religion and do not have room to accommodate individual feelings. In many Middle East countries, religion has boycotted freedom rights of individuals. It has entrapped them in cocoons they cannot escape. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, religion has swallowed up culture and tradition. The three have integrated to become one under the umbrella of religion.

Islam, the dominant religion in this country acts as the guideline to how individuals should live. It has strict rules that suffocate the freedom of individuals. As of now, Saudi Arabia is one to the countries known to have limited freedom. Religion spells out the freedom that individuals can enjoy. This religion favours men and undermines women. For instance, the Saudi tradition does not allow women and children right to air their opinions in public. Further, women do not drive and can only go to school if their male guardians permit it.

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Women and men cover their bodies and head completely with women covering the face leaving only the eyes. In fact, the government has set aside a police force that oversees the implementation of these laws. These among other curfews imposed by religion and government suffocate individuals and deny them their freedoms as human beings.

The government and religious institutions should flex these stringent rules and be more accommodating of beneficial ideas. They should embrace technology and refrain from relating everything to Islam. Instead, they should seek to blend in with the rest of the world. They can achieve this through giving women equal rights. They should allow women to go to school and engage them in making decisions that affect them.

The country should also consider teenagers freedom in the society. In conclusion, Saudi Arabia should implement these and other suggestions provided by the international community in order to experience a positive social revolution. This would transform the country to an open-minded society with integrated individuals. Further, Saudi Arabia stands to gain more in social, economic, political, and cultural spheres if they increase freedom of expression, thought and worship.


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