Sarefine Practice – 300 players – Senior ModeratorSo Sarefine was one of the more popular servers at the time I was promoted to Trial Mod after creating one of my best applications ever. It did not take a long time for the administrative team to notice me, and quickly promote me before many of the Trial Moderators that have been staff on bigger servers than me. This really boosted my dedication and love towards the server, because I felt like my hard work was being positively noticed.

After a short while as a Moderator, I was promoted to Senior Moderator along with many others mods. The job I had as a Trial Mod on Sarefine was basically to watch the chat, and find cheating players. There wasn’t much more to the job as a moderator other than I had a few more nearly unnoticable permissions, such as permanent banning, instead of temporarily banning.As a Senior Moderator, I was allowed to mentor Trial Moderators to become the best possible.

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I had a lot of freedom when I was finally promoted to Senior Moderator, and what I am glad for is that I don’t abuse my freedom, partly because it was earned through hours upon hours of hard work.iPvP – 600+ players – HelperSo I was promoted to Helper on iPvP at the time it was one of the best HCF servers out there. It was not really enjoyable for me to be a staff there as the owner, TemptingMC, was really abusive towards the lower staff, and I even experienced him ddosing an admin for abusing. This really scared me and made me not want to f*ck up.

I regret not resigning after experiencing the ddos, because I put a lot of work to make a bad player’s server better.I was demoted after my first week as a Helper on iPvP because I denied a ban appeal without asking a moderator first, even though it did not state anywhere in the staff guide that I had to, but I accepted my demotion, mostly because I really didn’t want to be staff on the server.PulsePvP (KJ’s server) – 50 to 150 players – Mod & AdminSo Pulse has been released many times throughout the years, and I have been staff on the server multiple times.When the server wasn’t popular and got a maximum of 40-50 players, I was an admin.

I believe this is nearly 2 years ago, so KJ is probably not going to remember this, but I do because it was one of the first HCF servers I was promoted on. I have no clue how long I was staff when the server was fresh, but I am pretty sure it was for quite some time as I usually don’t leave servers within the first few months of getting promoted.The second time I was staff on Pulse, it was called PurgePots. I know that these are two different servers, but it was under the same administration with the same plugins and set up, so I count them as one. I was staff when KJ owned Purge, and after he sold it to Jitty and rvc. I really enjoyed my time as a Purge staff member when KJ owned it because it was so professional and simple at the same time.

It was the perfect server for me. After he sold it, it became less enjoyable for me as Jitty and rvc had no control, and they actually gave a known griefer Senior Admin & the * permission because he built them a map. When I heard this happened, that was when I knew that the server was going to go downhill.

That’s the reason why I resigned, and little did you know, I was right. The server went down the drain and closed a few weeks after I resigned.Faithful HCF – 500-1,000 players – HelperI was staff on Faithful when the server first started getting noticed, but I resigned right before it completely blew up due to exams, mid terms and general school tests. I definitely did not want to resign, but I had to as my grades that year really meant everything for what High school I would be going to.

As I am finished with the important exams, and I am in the school I want to be in, I can finally enjoy my time on the server, and hopefully moderate it soon.Faithful wasn’t really fun to moderate, it was just another server to me to be honest. I do not remember much from the server and how it was ran, other than the rules were strict which made me a very good staff member for the more professional servers, kinda like HCNations.I have been staff on at least 30 more servers, some of them never released, but I don’t feel like it is important to list them as I never really learned anything from them, and since they nearly didnt have a playerbase, it is kind of obvious that they staffing rules weren’t strict, so I don’t bare anything from those servers with me.


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