Sarah EvansTrinityhouse High School Little FallsGrade 12 ORTLife OrientationResearch ProposalMentor: Mrs SquairHow many female students in Trinityhouse Little Falls will go into IT related jobs and why, compared to the male students of Trinityhouse Little Falls3 November 2017THERE MAY BE NO RED WRITING IN THIS PROPOSAL WHEN YOU HAND IT IN.

RED WRITING IS TO BE REPLACED WITH YOUR INFO / DELETED AND THEN CHANGED TO BLACK. Research HypothesisResearch HypothesisI would like to find out how many female students  in Trinityhouse Little Falls will go into IT related jobs and why the choose that, compared to the male students of Trinityhouse Little Falls.MotivationMotivation as to why this area has been selected for research.Do not just state that you enjoy or like or are interested in this area.You need to comment on why this area is an important area of research; how will it be important to know more about this area?There is a demand for female workers in the IT workforce for quite a while now and i would like to find out why so little women are not interested in joining the IT workforce and what their reasons are for not joining the IT workforce.

This is important to research because if we know why women don’t want to join, and how improvements can be made to try encourage women to take jobs in the IT industry.AimsWhat are the specific aims of your research? What are you hoping to achieve or prove? List as these as bullet points starting with a verb each time. Make them clear and specific.Initial Literature ReviewYou should consult 4 sources for your initial Lit Review.ContextThis section provides the basic background to your study. It provides an overview of the subject, issue or theory under consideration, along with the objectives of the literature review. In this section you are expected to:Define or identify/explain the general topic, issue, or area of concern, being investigated.Point out overall trends in what has been published about the topic; or debates; or gaps in research and scholarship; or a single problem or new perspective of immediate interest.

Establish the reason (point of view) for reviewing the literature – what is your hypothesis, where do you stand.Source 1: Why Gender Diversity In Tech MattersFull Bibliography of Source./Writer, A. (2018). Why Gender Diversity In Tech Matters. online Entrepreneur. Available at: https://www.entrepreneur.

com/article/289293 Accessed 25 Jan. 2018.Don’t forget that citing (in-text referencing) is necessary in your Lit Review.SummaryThe first step is to summarize the information in the source in as much or as little detail as each merits according to its importance to the study.But once you have completed the summary, you have still only done half of the necessary workThere is only 52% of the needed IT graduates required for the IT workforce will be graduating with IT related degrees. There is one woman graduating with an IT related degree to every six men who graduate with IT related degrees. Gender diversity and leadership in tech is an urgent issue to address, not merely to offer balance to a male-dominated industry, but because of the strength and impact of its ripple effect to the IT industry.

ValueWhat is the usefulness/worth of this source to your study (How will it help you answer the question?)By understanding the ratio of men to women in the IT workforce can help to understand the demand and the inequality to women in the IT workforce, and that the IT workforce needs to have better equality for women.ReliabilityIs this source trustworthy? (Can you believe the findings in this source and the person that wrote it?)This article is reliable as they quote and refer to experts in this particular field.ValidityAre the findings in this source valid? (Is this interpretation justified considering what you know about the topic?)What i found out helped me understand the inequality of women in the IT workforce, and I found that the information was relevant and valid to my research.LimitationsWhat issues can this source not address? (What are the shortcomings of this source? What can’t this source tell me?)The article could not tell me about how biased the IT workforce is for women who work there, and that much work needs to be done to ensure that women are treated equally in the IT workforce.

Relevance to the topicRelevance or link to your topicThe last aspect to discuss for the individual sources, is the link to your topic.Because the Lit review is broader than your topic it is necessary to explain how this source helps to enlighten your answer to the question.This article revealed to me the inequality that women face in the IT workforce and gave me insight as to how much the men overpower women in terms of numbers/ ratio of men to women.Source 2: For Women in Tech, Bias Runs Deeper Than Most ThinkMasterman, L.

(2018). For Women in Tech, Bias Runs Deeper Than Most Think. online Entrepreneur. Available at: Accessed 25 Jan. 2018.SummaryWomen need to feel encouraged to work in tech related jobs and not to just hire them for the job, women need to feel empowered to work even in the most tech-focused parts of the tech industry.

Women need to be given the same opportunities, mentorships and scholarships as men are given to ensure that equality is there in the tech industry.ValueThe information that I found out about the gender inequality towards women in the tech industry was very insightful for my research.ReliabilityThe article is written from a single person’s point of view and can’t be considered to be 100% reliable.

ValidityAlthough the article can’t be considered to be completely reliable, the writer still makes some valid points about the gender inequality towards women in the tech industry.LimitationsThe writer does not refer to other experts in the matter and is very opinionated but is well written.Relevance to the topicThe article brings to light that women are not getting the same opportunities as men are given is relevant to my research as it helps me understand why women are reluctant to go into the tech industry.

Source 3: Why do women still earn a lot less than men? (2018). Cite a Website – Cite This For Me. online Available at: https://www.economist.

com/blogs/economist-explains/2017/10/economist-explains-12 Accessed 25 Jan. 2018.SummaryWomen are earning less than men because when the start to have families it is often found that them women of that family have to change jobs or cut back hours for their children and it is 13-37% of the men from families that will move or cut back hours for their families. Because of this  men are more likely to be given promotions that women are as they will be less likely to have to move or work less hours that a woman is.ValueThis article shows me some of the reasoning as to why women are commonly earning less than men but it also shows me the inequality that women have to go to in order to raise a family.ReliabilityThis article refers to information relevant to the topic and refers to information and data collected by expert in this topic being discussed.

ValidityThe findings from this topic is valid but i do not believe them to be fair to women and show great inequality towards women in the workplaceLimitationsThere is no specific reference to the IT workplace but give a general overview of all workplaces.Relevance to the topicThis article is relevant to my research as it gives me an overview to the struggles that women must overcome in order to achieve gender equality in the workplace.Source 4: Name of SourceSummaryValueReliabilityValidityLimitationsRelevance to the topicConclusionSynthesisThe final part to your lit review is the Synthesis. This can be seen as the conclusion of the review.In this section you must:Sum up the major arguments/points that have been raised in the sources you have consultedPosition your work within this – identify any gaps or flaws in the research and explain how your study will add to the knowledge on this topic.Overall i have found that women are not treated equally in the workplace whether it be more men in the workplace to women or the fact that men are given better opportunities than women or that men are paid better than women, women will always have to overcome the inequalities that occur in the workplace and that gender equality is needed for a healthy work environment.MethodologyOutline exactly how you are going to conduct this research in the case of primary (gathering data, questionnaires, experiments) and mixed research (using primary research and then reading up on info).

For experiments, you need to be VERY specific, including measurements and sampling methods.Take these guidelines into account:Provide a detailed description of:– why the data/ information is being collected– what strategy is being used– who or what the sources will be– how many sources– where the data/information will be collected– how the data/information will be collected– why this is the best method/s to useInclude research instruments, e.g. interview schedules, questionnaires, data sheets, observation sheets, tally tablesEthical IssuesThere are always ethical issues involved in research. You cannot leave this section out.These are the issues you need to consider:Research questionIs there anything in the research question that may end up further disadvantaging a group?Research purposeDo the participants have the same understanding of the research purpose as the researcher?Data collectionIs there a possible risk to participants? Have the needs of vulnerable groups been considered? How will documents be kept confidential? Have the participants signed informed consent forms?Data analysis and interpretationIs the anonymity of participants catered for? How will data be kept safe and then be disposed of safely?Writing up of ResearchHas the language been checked for bias? Are the findings a true account of the results of the research?List of possible resourcesHere you need to list all possible sources of information that you will use.

You need to set this up as an alphabetical Reference List (Bibliography) but it is not your actual Reference List.Please see last page for Reference List Reference ListHere you need to include an alphabetised list of all sources you used in your Lit Review and in preparing this research proposal. You may use Cite This for Me, but you do need to double-check that your bibliography entries are correct.


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