Sandals Regency La Toc is
one of three sandals resorts in Saint Lucia. Considered Saint Lucia’s most
glamourous resort, it is located on a serene half mile beach and 220-acre
property. Sandals Resorts International has resorts located all over the
Caribbean, owning 16 resorts on 6 islands, such as Jamaica, the Bahamas,
Antigua, Grenada, and of course Saint Lucia to name a few. The Sandals group
has coined the term ‘luxury included’, when referring to every single one of
their establishments. They are not just all-inclusive, they are “the only
all-inclusive to include it all”. These resorts are designed for couples in
love, it is an adult-friendly hotel, the perfect getaway and honeymoon
destination. Regency La Toc, is home to a 9-hole golf course on the property, a
rejuvenating Red Lane Spa, 9 restaurant options to choose from and 8
full-service bars. The idea at Regency La Toc, and any other Sandals is that
everything is unlimited. A guest can dine where they please, and as much as
they please with no charge. They can drink whatever they want, and in excess if
preferred, and the premium spirits and wines are unlimited, as are any other
drinks. The water sports are again, unlimited. The guests are given top-class
service, at no charge. Truly luxury included. And to top it off, there is the
option to stay in Butler suites, with Butlers who have been trained at the Guild
of Professional Butlers, who attend to your every need. For my five-month
practical experience, I will be part of the Internship Program offered at
Sandals Resorts. Completing my time at the Regency La Toc, in Castries, Saint Lucia.
During my five months, from the 5th August 2017 – 31st December 2018, I will be
doing a cross-training in three different departments. The sales department,
front desk department and the spa. Since this resort is a couple’s resort there
is plenty of honeymooners and couples that is getting married on the resort,
the wedding department plays an important role at Sandals, taking part and
planning the most important day of our guest’s life. In the weddings department
the staff plan all the fine details of your special day. Different theme
packages are on offer to suit the brides taste, as well as a customizable
option. The wedding planners work alongside the bride and groom to meticulously
plan your day right down to the finer details. In this department the staff
will personally drop off the group’s itinerary for the wedding weekend and
decorate the room romantically, even adding special keepsakes as wedding gifts.
The concierge department, known as Club Sandals is a special level in the
resort. The Club Sandals staff will assist the Club Sandals guests in every way
possible to make their stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. Club
Sandals has their own lounge which is open 24/7 where the guests can use as
they please, as well as cocktail nights are arranged for guests to meet one
another or go out on group snorkeling days. It is a really special experience
given to assist in all that they can. Sales department offers several of
packages, such as birthday package if you want to surprise your significant
other, private luxurious transfer to the airport with well-known car brands or
even helicopters, private candlelight dinners on the beach. The spa has
customized and tailored spa treatments accordingly to couples to have romantic
sessions and experience it together in the same room or on the beach if wished
upon request. There are 9 restaurants on the resort offering all kinds of
cuisine from all over the world and from right here in the Caribbean. Such as
the La Toc Restaurant – offering the finest French Cuisine and white glove
service, the Kimonos Restaurant which is a teppanyaki style restaurant, having
the chef prepare the meal right in front of you and serving it as he goes,
alongside it Soy which is a sushi bar, Armando’s offering authentic Italian
Cuisine, the Piton Restaurant which focuses on Caribbean style food, the
Cricketers Pub for the English folk, to name the few. And 8 full service bars
all around the resort, and even one in the pool with Sandals being the first
resort to offer the pool-style bar.




Brief History

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Sandals Resorts
International is a family owned-business that transformed itself from its first
resort in Montego Bay in Jamaica to the well-known, award-winning hospitality
company that it is to this day. Gordon “Butch” Stewart is the founder, and now
Chairman, of the Sandals group, born and raised in Jamaica, taking his love for
the Caribbean and giving people the best experience possible, opening his first
hotel in 1981 beginning his legacy that remains today. He wanted to give his
guests more than what they are expecting to receive, those at Sandals are here
to know what you want before you do. And this is what has kept guests coming
back year after year.


1981, Sandals Montego
bay, 1985 – Carlyle on the Bay in Montego Bay, 1986 – Sandals Royal Caribbean
in Jamaica, 1988 – Sandals Negril in Jamaica, 1989 – Sandals Ochi Rios in
Jamaica, 1991 – Sandals Antigua, 1993 – Sandals Regency La Toc in Saint Lucia,
1994 – Sandals Halcyon in Saint Lucia, 1996 – Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau
Bahamas, 1997- Beaches Negril in Jamaica, 1997 – Beaches Turks & Caicos,
2001 – Sandals Royal Plantation in Ochi Rios, 2002 – Beaches Ochi Rios, 2002 –
Sandals Grande St Lucian in Saint Lucia, 2005 – Sandals South Coast in Jamaica,
2007 – Fowl Cay Resort in Exuma Bahamas, 2008 – Grande Pineapple Beach Negril,
2008 – Your Jamaican Villas, 2010 – Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma Bahamas, 2014
– Sandals LaSource Grenada, 2015 – Sandals Grande Riviera in Ochi Rios, 2015 –
Sandals Barbados, 2017 – Launch of the Sandals Royal Barbados. “Stewart’s
successes have garnered hundreds of personal and industry awards, which have
been publicized. Perhaps less well-known is the extent of his considerable
philanthropy. Sandals Resorts International currently gives active support to
more than 150 major projects in its host communities, through the company’s
philanthropic arm, The Sandals Foundation. This support ranges from the
building of schools to the paying of teachers, to providing hospitals with
linens, to bringing healthcare to the doorsteps of those who cannot afford it.” Accessed: 16 Aug. 17 4 | P a g e The property,
as mentioned, is a family owned business, owning five different brands under
one owner, Mr. Gordon “Butch” Stewart. There is Sandals – made with the soul
reason to cater for couples, Beaches – catering for families, Grande Pineapple
– the more budget friendly resorts, Fowl Cay Resort – offers six private
villas, and Jamaican Villas – that offer four different villas. Sandals Resorts
International’s target market are couples, of all kinds, who are in love and
looking for a luxuriously romantic vacation. It is a perfect place for you
wedding day, or honeymoon, and a place where you can propose to your loved one
on the beautiful beaches under the setting sun, or even just a romantic getaway
with your other half to escape from reality and dive into the sensational
feeling of being on an island holiday. Sandals goes the extra mile to make your
stay romantic and memorable. There are many services on offer in the Regency La
Toc, and a few include – Unlimited scuba diving and water sports such as
canoeing, sailboats, snorkeling, paddle boarding. There are 2 swim-up pool
bars, and 7 pools and 6 whirlpools. There is a 9-hole golf course, and a Red
Lane Spa. In the resort there are two fitness centers with sate of the art
equipment as well as tennis courts and a basketball court, and guests can play
croquet or pool. The resort has its own Resort shop where guests can buy items
at duty free prices. Also on offer are the hiring of private Cabanas, that
guests can book for the day and there are staff to serve them drinks and meals
at their leisure. Other services include a Sandals lounge at the airport where
you are greeted and offered snacks and drinks, and at-no-cost transportation to
your resort, with a champagne refreshment greeting and cold towels. Your bags
are taken to your room while you check in. At check in you are given a tablet
to check yourself in and the resort and what is offered is explained to you by
the guest service personnel. You are then taken to your rooms in a shuttle,
where you have unlimited Wi-Fi, room services, a fully stocked fridge at all
times, and a butler service if you are in butler suites. There is a lot of
entertainment on offer with various activities designated for each day on
activity boards. There is live entertainment and Reggae evenings, inviting you
to the Caribbean culture. As before mentioned there are 9 restaurants with 8 full
service bars, inviting you to experience many different kinds of cuisines.
There is a tour desk where you can book local daily tours and island
adventures, such as catamaran adventures, deep sea fishing, canopy tours
through the beautiful forest areas, and dune buggy tours to name a few.
Weddings are very popular at the resort, and there are different packages to
choose from. As well as candle light dinners which can be set up for a proposal
on request, with your own personal server and photographer, who can capture
your special moments. There are numerous photographers who walk around the
resort throughout the day to catch the best moments with you and your loved
one, and there is a photo shop where images from your holiday can be purchased.
The terrain is mountainous therefore it does not run flat, there are guest
rooms stretched around and up hilly areas. It is all truly beautiful and
well-designed, still holding onto the beautiful plant life that incorporates
itself into the layout of the establishment. It is true Caribbean warmth and
welcome. I have nothing but good words about the company, they do not only
treat their guests with excellence but their staff too. The guest service that
is provided from the resort is of such a high level, with the most welcoming
and friendly staff attending to every need of the guest, even before they know
what they need. There is attentive butler services with such excellence,
personally escorting the guests and attending to their every need. To conclude
the introduction of Sandals Resort, they most certainly keep on exceeding the
guest’s expectations and keep on delivering and living up to their 5 star


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