s representati!es of “rance #e come to the $N #ith a serious topic. Torture is apro%lem that is risin& in countries #ith unsta%le &o!ernments. If a &o!ernment is usin& torture asa form of punishment’ and its citi(ens )no# a%out it the* #ill feel unsafe. +hen people feelunsafe the* usuall* do ,uestiona%le thin.

-o!ernments usuall* use torture as a form ofpunishment or a #a* to retrie!e information from a person that the* ha!e capti!e.?!er* Human %ein& on ?arth should ha!e the ri to not %e tortured. Torture can scar aperson emotionall* and ph*sicall*. If and #hen a countr* releases a tortured prisoner %ac) intothe societ* the* #ill most li)el* tell others. This #ill result in economic tensions #hich is the lastthin& that a countr* needs. If a communit* found out that one of their o#n #as %ein& torturedthe* #ould most li)el* react in a #a* that #ould %e !iolent. ?lthou is cruel’ the &o!ernment should %e a%le to torture peoples %ut onl*under &ood reason and in the process of torture there should %e a limit of the ma?imum amountof torture that ma* %e &i!en #hile it still %ein& ?ust.

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Reasons for torturin& a person should %e fora !er* &ood and stron& reason. ??amples are If there are man* li!es at ris) and the onl* #a* of&atherin& information on ho# to pre!ent it is to torture someone #ith the )no#led&e on ho# tostop it. ?nother is if someone has committed a se!ere crime ?such as &enocide’ li)e of the ?e#s%* Hitler3 torture should %e a punishment. ?nd the person #ho is inflictin& torture should onl* %ea%le to do so #ith permission or of ha!in& a license or somethin& of that matter’ %ut still must %eappointed in doin& so.

4ut #e should onl* torture citi(ens of our o#n countr* for it could startman* pro%lems #ith that countr*’ #hich ma* lead to #ar. ?lso’ those are those countries5people and #hat #e thin) of 6torture7 ma* %e different than #hat the* thin) of it.People can pre!ent torture %* %ein& a#are of their actions’ #hat the* sa* and #ho the*are #ith.

The “rench Repu%lic su&&ests that the $N ta)es more initiati!e in resol!in& the#orld#ide issue of -o!ernments torturin& citi(ens and citi(ens torturin& other citi(ens. The $Ncan set up an initiati!e for citi(ens to report torture and a%use. “rance su&&ests that all thecountries in this conference ma)e P8?s ?pu%lic ser!ice announcements3 to help the people ofthe #orld feel safe and not feel in dan of %ein& hurt ph*sicall* or emotionall*. “rance #illma)e sure that the people in our countr* are free of torture. +e #on?t allo# torture as a form ofpunishment in the “rench Repu%lic.

“rance #ill tr* and help the citi(ens of the #orld )no# thedan&ers of torture and #a*s that the* can pre!ent it.


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