Running the new system and when did you start it:

 The system was prepared for a full year of preparation of preliminary data for all categories, cost preparation and preparations of a work cycle for each department and each part of the company. Each department in the company has five operating departments in terms of requirements, work and market. And the system started off the new financial year.

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The advantages of the new system:
 The new system has many different benefits on several levels from top management down to sub-departments to even different branches of the company.

 For example, at the level of management is now available to extract all the reports that would ease all decisions in terms of procurement and the need to loan money, or financial situation and flow of work and control the movement of production.

 However, the branches were easy to follow the movement of customers and the extraction of reports on sales and the ease of ordering goods from warehouses and warehouses as required by the market and the accumulation of goods that may not be needed at any time of the year. And also adjust sales movement in retail sections.

The Complexities the company has faced when changing into the new system:
  The staff did not accept the program because the system was in English and also the small size of the font in the interfaces.

 And the multiplicity of screens to be worked on to implement a certain order,

 there were also problems with data in the system due to human errors.

 Also, there were problems in printing invoices due to the inconsistency of printed invoices in terms of the size of the SAP system.




The impact of the changing the old system on the company:

 The system has greatly served the company and served the company for its need of employee and to appoint the appropriate employee in the right place and to divide the work on the work teams which led to an increase in the overall production and the apparent growth of the company according to performance measures for the company before and after the system.

Satisfaction of the employees with the new system:  There was a general dissatisfaction for the employee, especially the old employees, because they were used to work with the old system, and they were easily able to work on it. And also because the screens used for one order not like the old system, for example, to order goods from the warehouse there are 4 different screens and the old system was only one screen.

The differences between the old and the new systems. And which system is better:


There is a huge difference between the two systems. The SAP is more developed and it is able to meet all the needs of the company’s reports, sales services and the acceptability to the program for all systems to assist the sales units and the equipment. As well as the acceptability of fingerprint devices for all staff and the full control of production processes, and the accuracy of the output and the enumeration of the burdens of the process. Now it is easy to load costs on the goods and calculate the average cost of the old goods they’ve got changed with the new goods.


The cost of the new and old system:

 The cost of the Venus system is roughly ranging from 80,000  $ to 105,000 $. With 1300 $ per user, the company had 100 users and paid the same amount when adding new users. And for the SAP operating system cost, ranging from 260,000 $ to 340,000 $ with no extra cost.






Is There Any Intention To Change The New System? And Why?

 No, because the system serves all different departments within the company unlike the old system.


Do You Want To Go Back To The Old System? If Yes, What Are The reasons?  No.


The development of the new system from within the company or from abroad. 

The development of the system was by a company outside Saudi Arabia “Edraky” Systems and Integrated Solutions Company from Egypt.


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