Running Head : PRESENTATION OF RE –DESIGNED SPREAD SHEET                                1                                                                                               Presentationof Re Designed Spread Sheet                                                                    SaadAlrasheedy                                                       Central Washington University                       PRESENTATION  OF RE –DESIGNEDSPREAD SHEET                                                          2    This memorandum is used to present the redesigning of given spreadsheet to present them in more meaningful way.  This memorandum is to re-design the current spread sheet andpresent the new sheet in form of screen shots in this memo.

The reasons arealso mentioned for each change. I made the following changes to the originalspread sheet due to reasons mentioned for each change·      PasswordProtectionThe sheet contains the financialinformation and need to be protected from irrelevant personnel, so it was betterto apply the password on this sheet. The password is 1234·      TabularFormThe tabular form is considered bestto present the financial information as it makes it easier to compare andcomment on these figures.·      HighlightedInformationThe financial data and requiredformulae are included in table form with highlighted titles, to make it easierfor the reader that to where the analyst is referring its figures.

      PRESENTATION  OF RE –DESIGNEDSPREAD SHEET                                                          3   I did not make any changes to the theoretical narration in spreadsheet as these narrations are presented in their best form for the userunderstanding.    


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