Role of Nursing in Global HealthA baccalaureate prepared registered nurse has more complex roles.

These roles are not only focused on providing daily care and education for patients but are utilized in ways that acknowledge their educational preparations and competency. With this regard, aside from patient care, a registered nurse is expected to design and a comprehensive plan for the daily care of the patient. This task includes collaborating with physicians and other concerned personnel on what care should be given and best approach to improve the health capacity of the patient and the family. With the wider perspective of the role of a registered nurse, a nurse must be focused on the values and behaviors associated with provided global health care. For instance, a nurse should be more culturally compete and understand how culture impacts the health of a person, family, and community. The nurse needs to interpret patient’s information, history and assessment to make a critical decision about needed action. Another important quality is having a strong will or perseverance, being a registered nurse means being able to provide well organize leadership and face challenges such as shortage of staff, or high volume of patients.

A team leader can assist to solve floating and low-census staffing problems while helping and supporting the staff and patients. In addition to problem-solving a registered nurse, strong leadership is critical in facilitating better care for patients and clients. The nursing profession should train and educate leaders throughout the health care system, to provide a high-quality care while working hand-to-hand with other leaders and supervisor from other professions. Moreover, the nurse will require leadership skills and proficiencies to work with physicians and other healthcare professionals to rebuilt and improve health care system.

 Throughout the lifetime, serving and helping the community has been my passion. I have worked with children and adults with disabilities and was able to help them maximize their potential for learning, development and improved quality of life by understanding their disabilities. Today as I am persuading the nursing career and my focus is on supporting patients need and helping them achieve their health goals and function at their full potential by working hand-to-hand with other healthcare professionals. Being sensitive to the different cultural background would also assist each nurse to understand the patients and clients more efferently.

For conclusion developing trust and partnership within a healthcare environment is a key factor in leadership. 


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