Rodney was born August 17, 1966 he is an American professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, inventor, and public speaker who practices freestyle and street skateboarding.As a result, he has been called Tthe Godfather of street skateboarding. Rodney Mullen invented the kickflip on accident, he was trying to just do an ollie but he was going to get a board to the shin then he kicked it away and the board flip and landed and he made the kickflip.Once Rodney was on Ted Talk he talks about how he had a broken leg and really wanted to land a power slide and he did it with a broken leg! Rodney Mullen was in a special contest every year, he won 34 times.

He lost once and he was disappointed, he didn’t want to win he just did not want to lose.When Rodney skates he times his sessions, he wants to have only 3 hours to skateboard, he does not want to pass that time.When he skates he tries to be out of his comfort zone to be the best he can.Rodney is no stranger to freestyle contests, he won his first world championship at the age of 14; over the following decade, he won 34 out of 35 freestyle contests, witch established the most successful competitive run in the history of the sport. At the TransWorld Skateboard Championships, held at EXPO 86, Rodney got a perfect run from all five judges and all 5,000+ spectators there that day.For many freestyle skaters watching YouTube videos of Rodney skating are the reason they became freestylers.

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His style, creativity, speed, and talent is amazing. In the December 2006 issue of, Los Angeles Magazine, they included him in their “top 100 most influential people.”Rodney says that he wants to make the skateboarding community bigger because he says skaters feel like outsiders.He says that most people do not think of skateboarding like the skaters themselves. Rodney once said that skaters have a lot of courage.

Danny Way jumped the Great Wall of China with a broken neck! Here is a list of some of the tricks Rodney Mullen has invented: Godzilla rail flip, 540 shove-it, 50-50 saran rap, Helipops (360 nollie) and Heel-flips.Rodney’s dad did not let him skateboard until he was 10.


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