Reviews can be very important because reviews are the ones that leads to higher sales for companies. And these reviews are how and what influence the customers’ behavior.

 Potential buyers put their faith in reviews for a reason. They would certainly want to know beforehand prior to making the decision to purchase it. Because it gives confidence for them to buy when they actually sees a high rating of the product they are interested at.

 Getting reviews can be hard because people are only interested in buying the product, but not wanting to do the extra effort of writing reviews afterward. Of course, companies wouldn’t want their customers to leave bad reviews on their product. Customers don’t typically gives bad review for no apparent reason however, it would be best they are being approached in a good manner. For example, Amazon sends an email as a reminder to review its product a couple of days upon purchasement. If it is done rightly and they are satisfied, they would definitely leave a good and positive review.  Some customers may be perceived that 5-star ratings as too good to be true. But it doesn’t mean that striving for perfection is a no-go. In fact, most products that’s reviewed with an average rating of 4 to 5 are genuine – provided it is not biased.

 At the same time, companies need to be aware of their competitors that are in the same industry – selling almost every similar product. Just like DBR and its competitor BLUE PEARL. Thus, every ratings matter.  The data above shows the number of reviews and average star rating which clearly almost 60 percent of it was an average rating of 5-star, and 34 percent being 4-star. This data means that when customers sees this, they will tend to most likely buy it because they will think that this is a high-rated product with good quality and the quantity of reviews says it all.

And this one way to create an influence on customers to purchase the product. At the same time, those low-rated is as just important. Focus on them because it could possibly show some weaknesses. Find out its potential problem and find solutions to it in order to increase sales.


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