RESTAURANT REVIEW PAPER: CHILI-PEPPERS “A Fine Dine Experience in Chili-Peppers.” A Critique.

 Chili- Peppers is known for Steak, Ribs, Pasta, and Seafood The first branch of Chili- peppers here in Naga was located beside the Starbucks that is currently now the Yellow Cab. This is run by Mr. Jun Abella.

The Chili-Peppers has been closed for specific reason. On March 1, 2015 the Chili-Peppers was reopen with partnership of Mr. Abella and Mr. Allan and now the Chili-Peppers is Located at the Avenue Plaza. Did you know that Chili-Peppers is a fine dining restaurant and their best seller is “baby come back”? That’s the reason why meat lover keeps coming back in the said restaurant.

What comes to your mind when you hear the name Chili Peppers? Except for the baby come back, their best seller! We all know that Chili Peppers is one of the best restaurant here in Naga City. A lot of people dine to experience the food and the ambiance of the place. They have different kinds of foods that can change the customers mood from bad into good. For the people who love steaks, they have different steaks that you will love; they have desserts for those people who love sweets. The food in Chili Peppers can make your taste buds go wild! It is not just delicious but it is also good to your health. This restaurant is good from children to adults.

We conduct this evaluation to critique the foods that this establishments offers and to experience there services and there place. When we entered the establishment they instantly entertained us, they lead us to our seats that suits for our number and they served us water and presented to us the menu for our food selection, then we ordered. Maybe we waited for at least 20 minutes. What we ordered was that Pork sizzling Sisig, it’s very hot when they’ve served it and it makes us excited and hungry when we saw it. The tastes was great that is really hard to forget! That’s the best sisig that I’ve ever taste! It was not actually crunchy, not too much spicy in all the taste was work well together, next is we also tried there Mango shake, it’s not too much sweet but it’s tasty, the sugar and cream was equally blended and you can taste the fresh real mango and it’s like a smoothie. Lastly, their cheesy sausage with Fries and deep of sweet tomato ketchup and mayonnaise, they were real tender and juicy.

It is also hot when they served it and the presentation was good. And it’s only cost Php 765 and we are all full and we really enjoyed dining, it is because of their relaxing place and views, very comfortable chairs and of course there service to us. Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons. It is a cool place to dine, very accommodating people, the waiters are well trained they have polite attitude and the manager is approachable. Good customer service and also good quality of food that made our dining pleasurable.

The place is very cool not that formal but its attractive, their tables are well ready and presentable especially there Menu for their food selection is very visible, the size and the color are match and perfect to their theme, the place is suited for families, friends, couples and business meetings, the problem was that you can’t go there by yourself because the serving was good for 3 to 4 persons. What is important is they maintained to serve the foods still hot if it is hot and still cold if it is cold. But to be honest we can’t deny that the foods are costly and let’s just say that not all the people can eat in this place unless you can afford and if its fit in your family budget. But it’s the best because the quality of foods that you’re looking for is in here. Chili-Peppers is located at the Avenue Hotel along Magsaysay, so what mostly their customers are the people who are checking in at the hotel, sometimes are those people who os near at the establishment and or the people who just came from the church.

Chili-Peppers have wide space than the first one, what’s inside this Restaurant its different among the other establishment its style, design, looks and preparations so that is why were comfortably dine here. What is the intention of this establishment? Chili-Peppers want to serves us a good quality tastes of food and services. And by looking at their food offers they covers what other people are looking or prefer for like they have pastas, pork, beef, and other Bicolano food, they also have, different kinds of soup, salad and desserts and others. So we’re recommending this to those people who really likes meat and can afford the prices of the foods and try their best seller which is the “Baby Come Back!” or we commonly known as baby back ribs which soft special cut baby back ribs slathered with its own special sweet and tangy sauce, and served with rice pilaf, mixed vegetables, corn on the cob and extra ribs sauce.

They’re also offers Jurassic Ribs, Sweet Chop of Mine (prime pork chop) and Grilled Squid. They also have Bicolano Foods which are Pinangat with Tilapia Fillet, Laing with Sugpo, Crispy Dinuguan, and many more. This Restaurant is only intended for those who usually or meat lovers because they didn’t offer vegetables well they do but it’s only for salad for their mix.Chili-Peppers are well place to Dine.

The foods were so amazing and the service very attentive, the prices is reasonable, it is range minimum if Php 199 to maximum of Php 600 per dish. So if you’re looking for steaks and seafood? this might be the place for you. Chili-Peppers is for all, it can be a couples, families or even a group of friends and the space is fit for any types of occasions, date, birthday party, reunion, and even business meetings. Located @ Avenue Plaza Blvd. along Magsaysay Avenue in Naga City it is just one ride from the Naga City proper and about 5 minutes from the Quince Martires Plaza. Group Members: Nichole CaturaConnie Millesca Delos SantosValerie CatimbangKath DilancoPhotos taken at Chili-Peppers:


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