Requirements Gathering:
Understand the requirements (both functional and non-functional), by going
through the specifications and with inputs from the Business Analysts, in order
to participate efficiently in the Design, Development and Testing phases of the

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Do Impact analysis, create Design Specifications as per the high level design,
create Unit Test Plans in order to develop, validate, maintain, the application
as per the requirements.


Understand application architecture document and seek inputs from the
architecture / design team to understand the overall architecture in order to
provide deliverables in line with architectural requirements.


Develop and review artifacts (Code, Documentation, Unit test scripts), conduct
review for self and peers, conduct unit test and document unit test results in
order to build the application and make it ready for validation/delivery.


Perform validation activities (Functional, Integration, System, User
Experience) based on the plans, identification, and validation of defects found
(Including UAT), creation and reviewing artifacts (Test Scripts, Automation,
Documentation and Setups) in order to ensure a quality deliverable.


Work on GO LIVE activities as per the implementation plan in order to enable
production of application without any issues.


Production Support:
Respond to the issue assigned, do analysis, implement solution / work-around,
communicate to all the stake-holders and close the issues as per the agree
timelines in order to ensure support availability as per the agreed SLA’s.


All the activities listed above in order to enhance the application and
maintain the quality as per the latest requirements.


Transition and Knowledge Management:
Participate and prepare KT sessions, document and share own learnings from the
projects, seek information from other projects in order to drive higher
efficiency and effectiveness.  


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