Preschoolers are incredible group of individuals that are fast growing. It is during the early years of growth that a child can be imparted with various developmental strategies so as to keep abreast with emerging developmental aspects especially in learning literature. Therefore, having simple and clear strategies of teaching will help impact the kids with relevant knowledge perfect growth and development in literal terms.

Selection of Literature Materials

As I will be dealing with incredibly young individuals, it will be prudent to acquire simple forms of materials that will assist the kids to have uttermost understanding of the learning programme. This will help them attain maximum knowledge as they are in the exponential stage of development.

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During this stage they are able to maximize use of their learning abilities (Giorgis, 2008). In addition, I will ensure that the learning strategies employed are interesting and captivating for the little and lovely minds. Good titles and books as media will be a good choice of teaching materials. I will help the kids develop positive attitude towards literature. The books will have illustrative objects such as pictures that are memorable. In addition, I will ensure that the choice of words in the books is interesting enough for the kids to relate to. Also, the choice of themes will be from selections that are captivating to the young minds and easy to remember.

Characters in the literature material will be of animal origin such as hare of which kids are fond of. Furthermore, I will use educative materials that have high literal skills and are easy to understand. A CD Rom could also be a good media for my kids. I will ensure that they engage in listening and answering of questions especially in activities that require audience participation. Since, I want my students to relate with every portion of the activity I give, every pupil will have to perform the actions of the fictional animal characters in the stories that I will use. In case of creating models and coloring, my students will have the pleasure to do the activities themselves.

This will help them improve their memory skills and discourage laziness and boredom

Development Goals

The concept of development is that there should be continuity of learning as pupils get to learn complex skills that are to be deepened into their system with time. This process can be done perfectly when relevant goals are achieved through the set objectives.

Knowledge and Experience

The knowledge and experience of the child should be taken as the basis for development. This will enable the child to understand abstract from concrete, complex from simple and unknown from known (Giorgis, 2008). All these strategies are geared towards making concepts relevant, coherent and effective to the child.

The Environment

The environment in which the child is in is a vital contributor to psychological development.

Most learning modes happen to be first hand contact materials. These first hand contacts also works for the young minds that are in the process of development. That is why throughout the learning process, I will ensure I use the objects that are mostly used by the kids at home or in school. For instance, naming of most household objects such as chair, trees, cups, friends and domestic animals and pets will be part of my learning strategies.

Guided Learning and Discovery

I will be able to learn the experiences the child has acquired and help out in areas that the child is incapacitated. By identifying these experiences, I will be able to know what to add for full development of that particular stage (Hills, 1999). This will also go hand in hand with discovery of knew knowledge and experiences.

Social and Emotional Development

I will create the right environment for teacher and child interaction. The child’s learning experience could most probably be affected by the social and emotional aspect.

I will improve their self confidence through improving their communication skills and nurturing the vital interpersonal & intrapersonal development processes.

Collaborative Work

I will be able to introduce the children to joint learning methods that will ensure that each of them gains extra knowledge from their colleagues (Giorgis, 2008). This goal will also add up to social development. Having the kids know their friends problem solving strategies will intensify their understanding capabilities.

I will ensure that I get to know the diverse aspects in my children’s social and economic life. With this knowledge, I will address them appropriately without alienating any of the kids but not allowing them to notice their indifferences.


The significance of every learning process is assessment. With this I will be able to know my progress as a teacher and the progress of my little angels (Airasian, 2002). An assessment will help me ascertain my achievements and also create long and short term learning goals. With this needs in mind, I will be able to plan for the future effectively.

Areas of assessment that I will work on will include learning procedures, strategies, stages and the products of learning. Assessments tools on the other hand will include informal methods like homework’s, observational methods and formal such as standardized tests and diagnostic tests.


I will set objectives that I will have to achieve within a certain period of time supposedly a semester or term. I will only choose about three objectives as a start point. Some of these objectives will be like: Children will be able to follow the instructions keenly, follow direction and improve in their participation in class work.

Children will be able to remember what they have learnt in class. Children will be able to do collaborative work and enhance peer interactions. I will also go through my lessons according to the standardized pre primary school teacher-expectations so as to be abreast with curriculum and teaching methods.


Summative evaluation or outcome is one of the focuses of good assessment methods. I will ensure that I give the assessment clear focus so as to accumulate enough reasons for my achievements or failure.

But, my focus at this point is for nothing but success. This evaluation will determine whether the right objectives were considered for the programme. My evaluation plans will also include comparison of my results with other teaching institutions in the district, regional and national levels.

By using the right formal and informal assessment tools, I will be able to know my achievements and areas that need adjustments.


Having young minds as my pupils is one job I enjoy doing. Being able to induct right knowledge into the pupils and to see them grow in experience will be my motivation. I will ensure that I do not go out of the teaching standards and expectations but use my knowledge of early childhood education to build a generation that is knowledgeable and productive.

Kids love involvement in practical work, therefore, I will use proper development goals of each aspect of growth in kids to impart proper knowledge. Creating a positive environment will be handy in achieving these goals. Therefore, I will ensure that I do my best to achieve nothing but success.

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