Research is aconcept that shakes the foundation of development and tests its fortitude.  The development not only pertains to asociety, but also to an individual.  Isought information new to me and, in essence, became a researcher.  A novice researcher must showcaseprofessional career objectives, reasoning behind his research training goals,and the ability to perform research.  Byshowcasing these three tasks, an individual can convey dependability, goalorientation, and dedication.

  Researchfor society is an arduous task and only by demonstrating competence andcapability, can an individual be considered. Many have a desireto have an impact on the world around them. However, that is easier said than done. I believe that the most ideal way to do so is to have a doctorate.  Having a doctorate prepares individuals toperform research and to explore the world around them.  A doctorate allows one to develop thenecessary skills to perform research and that is why having one is crucial whenon the path of research.  Though I feelhaving a doctorate is necessary, my professional career objectives do not simplystop there.

  After the completion of mydoctorate I will work in a lab and explore many different venues for cleanenergy.  Overall, my professional careerobjective is to have a lasting, beneficial impact on society.Society is notfilled with consistency.  Benjamin Franklinonce said, “All mankind is divided into three groups: those that are immovable,those that are movable and those that move.” The immovable are lost in the old ways and they will never aid to theprogression of humanity.  The movableassist in progression, but when alone, no progression occurs.  The individuals who push the boundary of ourunderstanding to its limits truly define the meaning of progression.

  With so much information needed to beuncovered from the sheet of ignorance, can one truly say that our understandingof the universe has limits?  Once allinformation is uncovered, then a clear boundary can be shown.  Until proven so, humanity is limitless, andit is this ideology that pushes me to bring about progression.  This ideology is the catalyst for my researchtraining goals.Humanity is asimperfect as the earth is spherical, and with many obstacles needed to beovercome, time is of the essence.  Icrave change, almost like an addiction that cannot be satisfied, and it is thisundying interest that gears me toward the finding of new knowledge.  The search for new knowledge not only spansnew knowledge to humanity, but also new knowledge to me.  Uncovering information unfamiliar to me hasallowed me to grow as a researcher and access a sense of discovery.  Through studying and exploring new topics, Ihave not only been able to expand my current cognition, but also my connectionto being an official researcher.

  Theconcept of being a researcher is not as unconceivable as people make it out tobe.  In reality, it is much closer thanpeople give it credit for.Through the yearsof my academic life, I have acquired a certain set of skills that propel metoward a brighter future.

  This set ofskills did not appear overnight and it was through the struggles in my academiathat I could expand my palette.  Just asa gladiator overcomes his challenger through skill, I triumph over my curriculumthrough my ability.  One detrimental abilitycomes into effect while I am studying or completing a project.  During these moments, I push myself tocomplete the task and overcome the temptation to rest.  In this state, nothing else comes before thematerial.  This is because my educationis a fundamental quality of who I strive to become.With educationbeing so crucial, retaining it is an absolute must.  The ability to retain information has allowedme to have a clean advancement through my academic life.

  Higher education is a constant progression ofmaterial from one class to another, with the prerequisite being the foundationfor the following class.  Having thistype of system in place allows for this aptitude to shine and it allows for thestudent to continuously build off of old information.  A strong base of calculus I, II, and III isintegral for the understanding of physics and chemistry.  Had I not retained information from calculusI, II, and III, I would be severely struggling in my education.  Being able to build myself up has not onlyallowed me to evolve as a student, but also as an individual.  With the constant addition of information, Iexpand my knowledge and the capabilities that those concepts can achieve.Being able torecall information is useful, however an even greater ability is the ability toapply principles.  The application ofconcepts, otherwise known as the ability to problem solve, has saved mecountless times at a moment’s notice.

  Applyingprinciples goes far beyond the simple recollection of information.  Many individuals can recall information, but realknowledge comes from critical thinking. When encountering a problem that requires this ability, the problembecomes more of a puzzle and with the known information, I can piece togetheran answer.  About a week ago, I tappedinto this strength during an exam for my physics II class.  Through the manipulation of variables and thegrasp of concepts, I was able find when an RC circuit would have an amperage of30 micro faradays while it was discharging. I had not encountered a similar problem prior to the test, but throughmy ability in application, I prevailed.

Appling principlesis essential, but an even more crucial ability is the ability to work underpressure.  These two go hand in hand, andwhen combined they form a formidable characteristic.  Pressure is prevalent throughout a student’slife and when multiple assignments begin to pile up, the pressure exponentiallyincreases.

  As a student advances throughhis education, professors become more demanding and the situation becomesunavoidable.  When I find myself in thatposition, I shift into maximum overdrive and through my perseverance, the outcomeof the assignment improves immensely.  Someof my finest works have be produced from this skill alone.  This ability is especially prominent duringexams, essays, and simple homework.  Theseabilities have played a significant role and without them, I do not know whereI would stand in my education.            Throughthe showcasing of my professional career objective, reasoning behind myresearch training goals, and abilities in my academia, I have proven mycapability as a researcher.  By having aprofessional career objective, I have a clear line of progression through mycareer.

  Providing a reasoning behind myresearch training goals allows me to show my ideology and the will to conductresearch.  My abilities display mypotential and efficiency due to what I have overcome.  I have shaken thefoundation of development regarding myself, now I pursue the foundation ofsociety.



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