Republic day has a significant landmark in history. On January 26th every year, the Indians celebrate the Constitution of India which came into existence in 1950. On this important day, our constitution became effective and the date 26th January got marked in history for eternity. It goes without saying, each year Republic day is celebrated with remarkable pomp, enthusiasm, and glory.

Governmental legislation and acts have been laid down on this day and therefore, in addition, it marks as a day of pride for every Indian. From school kids to elderly citizens everybody unfurls the National tricolor on this day in the honor of their motherland.  India from 1947 didn’t have a constitution. India was seen following the Government of India Act of 1935, which have been laid down by the British King George VI directed India before the creation of its constitution. Post-Indian independence, the requirement of a different constitution became clear along with a drafting committee came into existence that was headed by Mr. B. R Ambedkar. The first draft was filed in Nov 1947 and was then finalized in 1950, only following 308 members of the Assembly made alterations to the draft.

The draft was handwritten. Following the completed project was passed; the first election took place to elect the first president of India.  Dr. Rajendra Prasad took the oath to be the first president of India. Thousands of individuals witnessed this wonderful and unforgettable historic event. These historic moments will always remain in history forever! Republic Day is a very important day for our nation for various reasons.

 A number of the facts that might help highlight the importance of this day are elaborated as under 1. The emergence of the Largest Democratic Nation: On this particular Day, India emerged as the biggest democratic Nation, with the longest written constitution. The citizens of India formally accumulated the power to live and help govern their very own country. When the start is good, the journey grows smoothly and without any turbulence. 2.

Indian Constitution came into existence: Republic Day is when the constitution and governmental presence came into being. Authorities thus became a different entity and came out from the shadow of the British authorities. 3. First President: Honorable Dr.

Rajendra Prasad took the historical oath to be the First president of independent India on this day. This ceremony was history personified. 4. Self-evident: till the Republic afternoon, India was running under the legislation decided by the British authorities. Technically, an India wasn’t guided till the actual Republic Day.

 Why we celebrate republic day  1.    Celebrate freedom from British composed laws: Republic Day is the day when our nation formally received its own constitution. We set forth our own particular arrangement of subject benevolent laws from Republic Day.

Republic Day means the progress from a “dependant” country to a “free” one as far as administrative laws, acts, and arrangements. 2.    Honor the freedom fighters that made India independent: Countless lives were sacrificed with the goal that we can hold our heads high in our own particular country. Republic Day ensured that the sacrifices made by people will not go in vain. Thus, this day is celebrated by each Indian resident as a sign of respect to them.3.

    To show our patriotism towards our nation: Every citizen of India is required to be patriotic and pay high respect and regard to its history. Celebrating republic day by each Indian would unveil their patriotism.This also brings the entire nation together at one place to show its great unity in diversity. This is the only country in the world where hundreds of languages are spoken and multiple religions are allowed to practice in sanctity, which sends the message of tolerance across the world. What Happens on Republic Day?  Festivities occur on a fabulous scale in Delhi, India’s capital city. Generally, the main focus is the Republic Day Parade. It highlights contingents and showcases from the Army, Navy, and Air Force. It is the display of the strength of Indian multicultural ethnic societies residing in different states.

The parade additionally incorporates bright buoys from each of India’s states.Women empowerment will be on display for the first on this republic day parade (2018) by its daredevil women performing acrobatic activities on motorbikes.Prior to the parade begins, the Prime Minister of India puts a flower wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial at India Gate, in memory of those martyrs who lost their lives in war. This is followed by two minutes mourning.  The Republic Day Parade is caught up with a Beating the Retreat service on January 29. It highlights performance by bands of the three wings of the Indian Armed Forces – the Army, Navy and Air Force.The Republic Day Chief Guest Republic day parade is symbolic to rise of India since 1950.

Various heads of states have been gracing this occasion and the world has been witnessing and participating in this historical celebration.The chief guest, in 1950, was Indonesian President Sukarno.2015 – US President Barack Obama was invited to attend the republic day parade in 2015.

He was the first US President who came as a chief guest on the Indian Republic Day celebration.2016 –The French President François Hollande was requested to attend the celebration as a guest of honor in 2016.2017 – the Last year 2017 witnessed, crown prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as the honorable guest of Republic Day parade. He was also the very first leader from the United Arab Emirates who visited and become the part of the Indian Republic Day celebrations.2018- This year, first time in history the leaders of all 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries will be the honorable guests and would grace the occasion at the Republic Day Parade. This includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam. This is a path-breaking decision in the history of Indian republic taken by this government to achieve a new high in building the relationship with so many important countries with one stroke.

This is a kind of diplomacy where India has sent a message to the countries like China, Pakistan, and other Asia Pacific countries that India is a new era of building foreign relations.This will help India to counter the influence of aggressive China by its soft diplomacy. In simple words, Modi’s India in 2018 means business! 


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