I have based my report on IT and Children. I will look at points that both help and hinder children and there use of IT. The first part of IT I will look into is the Internet and how it is a disadvantage to children. Most children now have either got there own computer at home or have access to another computer. They can use these computers to access the internet.

The internet is dangerous even to an adult but it is ten times as dangerous for children. They have access to such sites as ‘bebo’ and ‘facebook’ which are social networking sites that any one can join.On these sites children can add personal information and photographs. This means that a sex offender could have access to children’s photos. These photos can be copied and saved to a computer very easy, so anybody could visit a child’s page only once but could have there information for life. This could also be done through chat rooms, children may think they are chatting to another child but really it could be a sex offender, passing of as a child.

Another way the internet is harmful for children is through the sites they visit, e. g. young teenage boys could access porn sites easily by using search engines such as Google.These sites then could add pop us to computers which will harm the computers CPU. Children could also visit sites that allow them to download for free.

From a child’s eyes this is great because they don’t have to spend money on DVDs or cd’s but what they don’t know is where there getting these files from. The files they download could contain harmful viruses and damaging spy ware and allow hackers into there computer. This may not be a problem for them but if there parents where buying goods online then the hacker could read there credit card details and potential use the details to buy stuff for themselves.The internet could also be very useful for children, the internet will help children expand there knowledge on loads of different areas. Children would have access to websites books and on-line journals which they could use to help there minds grow. There are sites which are very useful to children during exams periods.

These sites such as BBC bite size help children on revising for exams and helping them understand some things they might not have during school lessons. Another part of IT which is a downfall for children is computer games.Children spend more time playing computer games than they do playing outside. This means children are more likely to be overweight and unfit, and as most people know this is a huge problem in the UK. Another reason computer games are bad for children is because ‘Children are more likely to imitate the actions of a character with whom they identify. In violent video games the player is often required to take the point of view of the shooter or perpetrator’. Source = http://culturalpolicy. uchicago.

edu/conf2001/papers/walsh. html This could raise street crime in the UK.An example of this would be the Rhys Jones case which happened during the summer. Games could also be bad for health reasons, e.

g. a when a child is playing a computer game they are using there hands a lot, this could lead to Repetitive strain injury. Another example is if the child is staring at the computer or TV a lot then they would have eye problems. Ergonomics also falls under this category e.

g. most children have game consoles in there bedrooms, this means they would sitting on there beds playing games with no back support, this can cause problems in the future.Computer games can also be good.

Some computer games have great learning experiences for children. These sorts of games are good for children’s minds; it combines boring learning with exciting games so in a way it plays a trick on the player. Computer games could also be good for children, an example of this would be if the child starting to think about what makes a game or where it comes from then they could pursue a career in this and games design is a career which offers good money.

Another example of IT that can be dangerous to a child is Mobile Phones.


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