Replacement of fine glass aggregates by waste glass showed an increasing trend and with 20% replacement the compressive strength obtained at 7 and 28 days was 15% and 25% increased while with 30 % this increment was 9.

8%, (Malik et al, 2013).With 20% optimum waste glass content compressive strength of specimens were 10.99% higher than control mix at 28 days (Ismail and Hashmi, 2008).  Flexural Strength of FWGACFlexural strength is one of the properties of concrete and it is a measure of unreinforced beam or slab which can resist in failure in bending. In highway pavement due to varying traffic conditions the formation of micro cracks in the pavement quality layer under the wheel loads take place due to formation of these types of cracks and flexural strength decreases, the PQC layer deteriorated rapidly. The concrete without any fibres may develop cracks due to plastic shrinkage, drying shrinkage and other reasons of changes in volume of concrete.

With addition of glass aggregates flexural strength values increased and this may be attributed to pozzolanic reactions which seems to accelerate with age, and help to improve hardening process and increase the flexural strength (Shehata et al,2005). It must be noted that adding higher amount of waste glass may have an adverse effect on the flexural strength at early stage (Abdallah and Fan, 2014). It was determined that, the flexural strength of concrete mixes containing fine waste glass aggregates generally followed the compressive strength trend, (Park et al, 2004, Taha and Nounu, 2008). The flexural strength up to the optimum dosage 20% showed increasing trend, beyond the optimum dosage flexural strength value is decreasing and this decrease in flexural strength may be due to the decrease in adhesion between the smooth WG surface and the cement paste (Taha and Nounu 2008, Park et al. 2004).2. Experimental programme2.1 mATERIALS The concrete mix design for Concrete was proposed by using IS 10262:2009 with the water to cement ratio of 0.43 for the design compressive strength of 48.25 N/mm2 and design flexural strength 4.86N/mm2, cubes and beams were casted for FWGAC containing 10%,15%,20%,25% and 30% fine waste glass aggregate as partial replacement for fine aggregate (natural sand) The design of FWGAC  mixes is done as per guidelines given in is 10262:2009, Ultratech Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) of 43 grade was used during the entire experimental work, natural locally available 


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