China is an officially atheist nation, a person who consider
themselves not practising any religions activities. The dominant religion are Buddhism,
Taoism, Islam, Protestantism and Catholicism (Cheyanne,2017).


is a multi-ethic nation, has total of 56 ethnic group where there is 55
minorities, representing 8.41 % of country’s population. The dominant Han,
represent 91.59 % of country’s population. The minorities are distributed
throughout China. Especially in area such as Southwest China, Northwest China
and Northeast China ( Sawe,2017).



china, students require to complete 9 years of compulsion education from age 6
to age 14. Most people spend six years in primary education and three years in
junior secondary education. After finishing compulsory education, people can
choose whether to continue with senior secondary education which usually take
another three years. Students must take a public examination ( Zhongkao) in
order to entrance senior secondary school ( Economic Co-operation and
Development, 2016).


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