The objective of this assignment is to recycle various household items to conduct an experiment and to write a research report on it. Throughout the process of ten weeks various types of plastic materials had been collected and stored so that when we resell these items after ten long weeks, we are able to easily tell the difference between the price of when it was bought and the price at which it is again sold in the market. The above mentioned process was carried out for the duration of ten weeks. In the first week of this assignment four plastic milk pack containers were collected, stored and kept for recycling.

In the second week, three plastic bottles were collected from the street [they were normal pet bottles of soft drinks] and were stored along with the milk pack containers. In the third week, five plastic plates were found from the household stuff which was not of use any more [they were standard soup plates]. In the fourth week, six plastic tea cups were found which were also placed alongside all the other recyclable items in the storage area. In the fifth week, three plastic dustbins were collected for this task [they were pedal opener dustbins]. Five hair combs were also collected in the sixth week from the household items as well.

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The seventh week, twelve ball point pens were collected as part of recycling experiment. In the eight week plastic lunch boxes were also collected. Ninth week, Plastic shopping bags were collected as they are used almost on a daily basis in some way or the other and also due to the reason that they are environmentally noxious to the society. The last week of the recycling experiment, Plastic balls were collected; the ones that children play with. ItemsQuantityWeight(grams)Plastic Milk Containers4120gmsPlastic Bottles360gmsPlastic Plates550gmsPlastic Tea Cups630gmsPlastic Dustbin390gmsHair Combs525gmsBall point pen1230gmsPlastic Lunch boxes784gmsPlastic shopping bags88gmsPlastic balls515gmsTOTAL512gms


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