Recently I have begun to notice an increase in the amount of “cool people” at school, I have also noticed an increase in this not-so-new, but highly popularized thing called smoking. This fad is most known and primarily associated with those who are apart of the ‘cool kids club’. This habit is known to bring on many health problems. Health problems consist of , extensive lung problems, serious cancer, and a formidable chance at stunted growth.

Not all of these health risks are bad though! Smoking is totally worth the risk if you want to be in the mainstream.To start, did you know that breathing is a necessity to live? Yes, breathing in oxygen is allowing you to be able to think, talk, and do more things than anyone can do in one lifetime! I know it is hard to believe, but every living thing on this planet takes in some sort of oxygen to exist. Also included in the number of oxygen breathing creatures are the people that prefer to breathe deadly toxins and chemicals into one of the few things that is keeping them alive; their lungs. The lungs are a wonderful thing. They put up with so many things for such a long time. Every day they encounter natural chemicals and toxins that you breathe in on accident. So why not smoke? Always smoke on purpose though! We wouldn’t want that second hand smoke, it is just not as fun! After purposely breathing in near oxygen less substance for extensive amounts of time, there are noticeable changes in a person’s breathing patterns. There is a tar build up on the walls of the lungs.

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This build up can lead to shallow breathing and continuous coughing and hacking. Full breath intake is limited and near impossible with the more tar that is in the lungs. Although there is an increase in the likeliness to get cancer, nothing is worse than not being able to smoke. Smoking should become a necessity, even a law, requiring every person to smoke at least one pack of cigarettes a day! That sounds like such a good idea. Another upside to making smoking a law would be population control. There would be way less people to deal with in the world due to the fact that they are getting sick and are cancer ridden!Smoking is known to be the cause of four out of every five people diagnosed with lung cancer.

If you really think about it, that is only eighty percent, which in all honesty is a very small percentage! One could say that smoking really is not a cause and is barely relatable to lung cancer at all. In addition to lung cancer, there are dozens of other cancer types that take in the effects of smoking. This is all possible due to the numerous substances that are included within cigarettes. When these are taken in through the lungs the entire body is somehow affected by these substances. No one really knows why or how the body is affected. It just sort of happens.

When thinking about if you should smoke or not, do not forget about the positive outcomes. They do exist! You can become a really cool person. And, if you really think about it, who needs to breathe these days? On top of that, getting diagnosed with cancer is increasingly rare these days, and is practically nonexistent! And, being short is not really all that bad; if anything, it helps society as a whole! So, if you want to seriously damage yourself in the future, try smoking! Hands down, it is totally worth it.


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