Readers beginto establish a document by its physical appearance.

When designing an appealingbusiness document, you should take into account that this is your image, whatpeople see to know and trust. When producing materials, you should always usethe business logo in accordance with the organisations guidelines, for examplethe log should be placed at the top right hand corner of printed documentsensuring that you never redraw the logo or alter the logo in any way. Depending on the size will determine what sizedlogo you will need to use and these can be found in your organisationsguidelines. When resizing a logo, you need to insure that you do not distort the imageto ensure visibility, readability and accessibility Clicking ctrl while resizing an image could helpreduce distortion. Good photography skills when taking pictures fordocuments is key using natural light where possible staying away fromartificial or overheating lighting. Think about using an interesting crop youmight find that zooming in and cropping a certain aspect like a face could givethe photo more character, even shooting into the light creating a lens flareallowing a bit of motion blur using the photo to tell the story.To enhance the professionalism of the photo youcould de-saturate them slightly this gives the image a cinematic quality andavoids the image looking loud or showy.

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  Typography The choice of software`s needs to be thought throughto make the process more efficient for any write ups or correspondence you willprobably need to use word processing software’s where you will be able to use tools that helpyou to check grammar and spelling enabling you to create your own dictionariessearch the whole text for particular words or letter combinations. Using word,you will also be able to insert headers and footers as well you are able to usean anchor tool assists you in making sure anything placed is in proportioned andinline. Word is also good if you want to write a paperbased article with columns.Using this software for documents is great forinputting graphs charts and diagrams.

Your choice of software all depends on what youare trying to achieve, for more detailed editing such as cropping and blendingmany images together to create 1 you may use adobe software’s that are professional editing  software’s.   Dependingwhether you are designing a booklet or report there are many binding methods tochoose from whilst being weary of your budget, instead of your office staplesor ring binding plastic comb binding and wire spiral binding could be a betteroption all though the wire binding is more expensive it is more durable.  Majorityof organisations will have templates stored with the guild lines where you willbe able to use without having to recreate documents.

Get someone to proof readyour document with fresh eye, when you have finalized the page layout, printout your finish documents and assemble it has if it is completed and ready togo out. You will then need to look at the document carefully checking the textis the spelling correct? Does it send the message it’s supposed to? Check headings footnotes,contents list, making sure the numbering is correct on each page. You need tocheck that the illustrations are the correct size and colouring.


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