Ransomware is a kind of computer virus that
infect the victim’s which limits the formal user to access their system. Most
of the ransomware style is locking the user’s system screen or locking some
specific files which contain important information. After that, the ransomware
will provide a solution to decrypt their computer by paying the ransom through
certain online payment methods which is untraceable for example, bitcoin.



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How does ransomware infection occur

Ransomware infection can begin with mostly
two of the way which is from an email address which contains Trojans horse
malware that will install the specific ransomware or website hosting exploit
kits, which attempt to exploit the weakness of some browser or software and
infect those machine which download it. Ransomware nowadays are capability to
copy themselves and spread through the network just like the worm malware.


Why ransomware became popular

Exist of ransomware-as-a-service which is a
cybercriminal business model which the creators of ransomware sell their source
code to other cybercriminal. Cybercriminal use ransomware because it is hard to
trace back to the origin and also the same as the payment of online transaction
through virtual currency. It has become a big business for those who wants to
earn easy money from others.


How to prevent ransomware

An endpoint security can protect web browsing,
control the flow of network which can prevent phishing attacks and continuously
scanning for harmful activities through internet will make sure the computer
under well protection. Robust filtering is one of the useful procedure an
organization can take to prevent their system free from ransomware. The
probability of an attack will be minimized if restrict the employees to receive
emails that contain spam or potentially malware. Blocking attachments is quite
important in preventing the intrusion of ransomware.


Preparation before infected by ransomware

Due to the uprising of the technology of
ransomware, some may say the improved of network security can’t really prevent
user from ransomware. Therefore, the best way to prevent ransomware is to back
up the data frequently. This is because the main effect of ransomware is they
restrict the access to some important data, if the user really so unlucky to
infect their machine with ransomware, that’s no point paying money to retrieve
data which have already been back up.



Ransomware is quite popular nowadays and
have causes some big company face some problem and also causes the authorities
very fear about it. However if the company or authorities know how to protect
their system well and also always back up their data, the damage of ransomware
can be minimized. The point is that they are well-provided with the information
of ransomware and also ways to prevent it.



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From these class assignment, we have given
the opportunity to know more about ransomware which we are not so familiar with
because Malaysia isn’t quite affected by these kind of destruction. However,
these knowledge is quite important if we are employeed after we graduated
because it may cause big trouble to our company we serve in the future if we
are not aware of it. Nothing is scary if we are well prepared with the knowledge
of it and we can prevent it when we know what causes it to happen.


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