Raghavendra V.S , Environment Engineer, of the Udupi Municipal Corporation said, ” the usage of plastic should be in a limit. Plastic is a bi-product which we get after retaining petrol and diesel from the ground. The main focus right now should be on disposing the plastic in a proper way. Usage of plastic doesn’t harm the human race if used and disposed in a proper manner.  I would like to tell the people of Udupi  to stop the abuse of plastic.” It is obvious that nearly every consumer product we buy these days has some plastic content , and many would be impossible without this technology. Shopkeepers play a huge role in usage and distribution of plastic for their products. K.N. Kamath, owner of ‘Kamath’s Central Novelty House’ who owns a bag and bed shop in Udupi seemed disappointed by giving his customers the products in plastic bags. He said ” Customers do not buy our products if not given in a plastic bag as they think it is difficult to carry products. They do not always have cloth bags handy with them. We don’t charge for the plastic bags and we are forced to give it to them.”Suresh Upadhyay, Manager of  ‘German Bazaar’ in Udupi said, ” Plastic is necessary for packing the products and to avoid dust from settling onto items. If the products aren’t packed the customers think it is an old item. We use cardboard for few items but it cannot be used for all.”We’ve all heard about how plastic bags pollute oceans , rivers and eventually our “Food Supply”.Yes , Even the food we eat.Biodegradable Bags are hard to define , may provide less long-term impact to the environment. These bags do not create consumer awareness or foster changes in behaviours that affect our natural environment. The Majority of plastic bags come from stores selling food items. The following is a report from a worker at a fruit store and an owner of a bakery; Ajaz Channapur, worker  at ‘City Fruits and Vegetables’ said, ” Plastic is a necessity  and it is cheap. If we start using the cloth bags it would become expensive for us and customers won’t come back to us if we start charging for the bags. Plastic bags are more convenient.” Anita Saldanha, owner of  ‘Alwyn Bakery’ in Udupi said, “We use plastic for packaging our food items. In the start we stopped the plastic as it has been banned, but the customers weren’t happy with it. So we had to start providing plastic bags again. We now charge the customers when they ask us for an extra bag.”  In recent times , the central and state government have taken measures to cut down the usage of plastic bags. Many non-governmental organisations are spreading awareness on the impact of plastic bags on the environment.Limiting the ban to stores that sell a certain type of goods , like perishable foods is not as effective as including all stores in a ban. Produce bags , bulk food bags , meat wrapping and materials are commonly expected for health reasons.To avoid the damage being caused using plastic bags , reusable bags can be utilised. If the ban is partial , it still produces a significant reduction in single use bags. Fees for paper bags reduces the want for the same and enables consumers to switch to reusable bags.  It was generally observed that the shopkeepers have been providing the customers with plastic bags because it has become a necessity for the consumers. Without the bags , sellers are facing various difficulties selling their products. Every citizen is equally responsible for the damage that is being caused in the environment. 


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