R. comp.

artifact:    The Google Clips camera is an A.I. controlled camera capable of takingshort clips, without audio, of things it finds important. The computationalartifact shows this with images of the camera, and using small text blocks fromthe google page on the product.R.2a:      The purposeof  the Clips camera is to help you getphotos from more interesting perspectives, and to capture more photos of thingsin your life you would wish to remember, but might not be able to record yourself.It goes about achieving this using machine learning, developing the ability torecognize your face, and those of other important people over time. This meansyou do not have to take the photos manually, and also filtering out randompeople and bad shots.

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R.2c:      Somepossible effects could be an increase in the amount of our lives we document,as a major purpose of the google clips is to reduce the difficulty of filmingor capturing content. This would allow people to share more of their lives, andalso have better memories of people or pets we have known. In addition, the cameracould reduce the need for a family member to take a family/group photo, whichexcludes them from the scene.R.2c:      Onebeneficial/positive effect of the Google Clips camera in comparison to similar,older timer based cameras, or time lapses, is its ability to recognize familiarfaces, ensuring users do not have to sort through photos of other, randompeople who were not the intended subject, saving time and increasingefficiency.

There are, however, harmful effects of this type of technology. Forexample, there will be a reduction in the need for professional photographers,who may lose income or even their jobs. This is because the camera does notneed to be operated, and accounts for blur, focus, and light settings automatically,ensuring almost all of the shots taken will come out well. It could have aserious cultural impact too, as if people have good photos of their self and family,they are bound to share them.R.2c:      If, asstated above, people share more of their photos online, that would mean that iswould be easier to know more about a person, and easier for them to share theirlife in more detail(by choice of course).

This would have a substantial effecton society as a whole because if you are friends with someone, you will probablyknow a lot more about them than you would have before the existence of thisobject.


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