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Questions and Answers

Assignment Number 2

“All traditional Native American religions are the same.”

It is very difficult to
explain the religion of the Native American. The reason behind it is that there
were many tribes by which the principles of the religion were passed. A lot of
tribes usually had their own beliefs and there also exist many tribes that had
same types of beliefs in the different aspect. The religion of the Native
American usually focuses on the nature and the different elements of the
environment like animals, landscape, plants and many other elements had an
important role in the religion. The religion of the Native American involves
many practices, traditions and ceremonies in regard to a lot of events and
these ceremonies may include dances, feasts, music and some other types of the
performances. The sacramental
practices and the religious beliefs of the Native American religion are
influenced by Christianity.  The main
tribes of this region are Dakota tribes, Iroquois Nation and Apache tribes (Jocks &
E.Sullivan, 2018).

The Iroquois tribe was one of the organized civilizations of Native
America. The religion of the Iroquois had the attributes of the monotheistic belief, in
which the nation had the belief on all type of the creators that were powerful
and famous with the term “Great Spirit”. This nation or tribe has the
belief in the Great Spirit’ superintending care. The power of this tribe was
administrated by the existence of the inferior spiritual and the religious
attributes that were associated with the Great Spirit were not developed. These
spirits provided they power and some spirits were also provided by the names
and most often they were recognized with the force that they had. Just, for
example, one of the most significant spirits was He-no was provided by the attribute
of thunderbolt and had the main function to control the weather. The Iroquois also had the belief that evils
also exist in the world and they assigned the evil as the brother of the Great
Spirit (LaPier, 2017).

The Sioux or Dakota are
called commonly inhabited as well as prairies and present in the surrounding of
the South and North Dakota. It was the belief of this nation that the entire
object was the spirit, due to which they had the docetic view about the
universe in which nothing is real and all the object of the universe are just
the appearance of the real objects. This belief was similar to the belief of
the Iroquois in inferior spirits. In this nation, Wakan Tanka had the
association with Dakota or the holy men that make effort to correct some orders
and also develop the understanding of the Great Incomprehensibility. The Sioux
did not have the strict doctrine of the religion and they just worked to
provide the assistance to the Sioux to understand the universe. They also had
the belief that humanity was to served the Waken people. It is not possible to
separate the people of Dakota from buffalo.

Based on all the
discussion, it can say that the belief related to the religion Dakota people
was not well-matched with the Christianity as the people of Iroquois were. It
can be seen from the balance as well as the unity that the world of Dakota was
opposite to the attributes of the monotheistic and these people were made
efforts to keep their own religion. The existence of the different groups and
tribe brought many changes in the religion as well as religious practiced of
the Native American. All the tribes had their own religious values and practices,
however mostly they all are attached with the different elements of the nature
that was the base of the similarity of these tribes that were exist in Native
America (, 2017).

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