Question 1: With a movie title that couldn’t possibly be more literal, About Time features a combination oflove and philosophy. The film About Timewas a fantastic British romantic comedy-drama that I would love to watch again.Throughout the movie I realized that family is very important so do not takethem for granted. Also, an important lesson learned in the film was how to livea happy life.

Basically, the film is giving off the message to live your lifeday by day but gave fun doing it. There is a strong unrealistic idea runningthrough About Time because timetravel is not real or at least it has not been proven. However, we all wish wecould use time travel. After all, which one of us wouldn’t want to go back inthe years and change certain things? What if we had said the right thing at theright time to someone.

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..or perhaps avoided that misunderstanding? Time travelwould be a useful thing.            Something that is very special aboutthis story is how close the men are in the family and what they have to keep a secretof.

This secrete that only the men get is time travel. Throughout the film wesee how time travel changes the story. However, thissupernatural ability is subject to one restriction.

They can only travel toplaces and times they have been before. For example, the very beginning afterthe New Year’s party Tim found out about the family secrete and redoes hisnight because he did not kiss the girl. After his father discourages Tim fromusing his gift to acquire money or fame, he decides that he will use it toimprove his love life. It’s not just a film about relationships in terms ofcouples, it’s about fathers and sons and family connections in general. Thefilm is largely based around Tim aiming to find love with a female and settledown with the perfect person for him, but this isn’t the only kind ofrelationship that is explored.

The scenes in which we see the Tim playing pingpong with his father. It shows the importance of family and shows just howprecious every moment with your parents is. Over time Tim learned from hismistakes in life and time travel but ultimately decides to live his life as ifit was his last days.             Time and age are key factors in howthe time travel is used throughout the film. the character development of Timis excellent because it shows him learning and maturing with age. I saw thisbecause the purpose of the time travel changes for him, initially starting outas a way for him to become the ideal partner to spend time with but then whenhe is older and in a more serious time in life his motives switch to keepinghis family stable.

If this was a different comedy then Tim could have continuedto mess around for the rest of time and everything would work in his favor,whereas what this film shows is how Tim can’t try to be a player all of hislife, he has to settle down. Eventually this game he sets out to play has moreand more rules and he has to abide by them in order to achieve stability andeternal happiness.Question 2: My favorite text from this course was All the Light We Cannot See because I recently have found it hardto find time to read a novel in my free time, so this allowed me to read anenjoyable book during the stress of college.

The book made me think outside thebox as to why things happened the way they did. This book was a page turner forsure as well as thought provoking. I learned a lot from reading this book andit gave me a new perspective at how and why authors research and write awardwinner pieces.             I really enjoyed how Anthony Doerrincluded the sea of flames in to the novel. He took time to research exactlywhat he wanted and where. I found it very interesting that Doerr found inspirationfor the stone from the Natural History Museum in Paris. Where he read about anamethyst called Delhi Sapphire which was supposedly cursed but later returned toa river.

This inspired him to invent the sea of flames. I really liked how hegave it to a little girl who was blind to make the way the stones importancechanges. The importance changes because she is immune to its visual charmunlike others in the novel. Besides who would not want a diamond with eternallife? This is an interesting literary move because it shows the phycological wayspeoples behaviors and beliefs affect the ones around them. Due to the stonebeing cursed that is the only thing that Marie-Laure can really know about thestone.             Somethings that I learned from thistext is greed can get in the way of true happiness. Take Von Rumpel forexample, he would rather have to the stone than good health and anyone in hisway would get killed if it came down to them or the stone.

I also learned thatsome people will do anything to get what is best for themselves so watch outfor people like that. For example, some people would hurt their best friend ifit meant that they could get in a romantic relationship. Another thing is thatif a blind girl can be brave enough and survive during a war and yet still havea happy life afterwards there is no reason why I cannot be brave enough to getover issues in my own life that are not as bad as war. Overall, this novel mademe think about a lot of life lessons to look for and live by if I want a lifefull of achievements and happiness.


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