Question 1 – Share a specific personal example that would demonstrate how your social work career has progressed over the last two years. This might include what drew you to the field and steps you have taken to prepare yourself to fully engage in social work practice and SW activities?  Growing up as a musician I had always believed that music would become my full-time career. However, I have always had a desire to work with individuals and have felt that music is not how I am called to reach out to individuals. When I developed tendonitis in my arms I began to look into other career options. I knew God was calling me to Social Work. However, during my first semester at Olivet I struggled with the fact that I had not developed a passion for a specific topic nor had I a desire to work with a specific population.  This past summer I began working through Nicole Braddock Bromley’s book Hush.

 The book is directed toward survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  One of the themes is the importance and healing found in “breaking the silence” through sharing one’s story and seeking healthy support systems. I believe that since reading this book God has been growing in me a passion to work with the adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

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I plan on pursuing the level of education that will allow me to become a counselor to this population. Researching and reading additional materials outside of the classroom is one way that I continue to pursue a social work career. I am seeking to increase my knowledge base through additional reading. Last Fall semester I worked through a book that recounted personal narratives of women’s experiences in domestic violence relationships including past childhood experiences and how each woman has demonstrated resilience during the battering relationship and through terminating the relationship and readjusting her life. I am currently working through a book titled Understanding and Treating Women’s Childhood Sexual Abuse.

  Question 2 – Share a specific example of how you?have integrated your faith into social work practice – perhaps during an AL?experience. Provide a specific example that demonstrates how your beliefs have guided or informed your interactions with others, including how this was received by the person you were working with.?  My faith encourages me to seek to understand people through the lens of compassion, encouragement, and equality.  Starbucks?  ?  Question 3 – Share one example of how you have aligned the values and ethics of the social work profession to a practical life experience and which NASW?CoE?value you have struggled most to incorporate.?  Service – Starbucks Competence – I plan to take the 40-hour training course through KC-CASA next semester and begin volunteering there on the hotline. This will be part of  ?  Question 4 – Please define Diversity, Empowerment and Social Justice and then share a time when you have had to apply an understanding of each to a situation, including how this application was received by others.

?  Diversity – Diversity is the wide range of unique characteristics represented through the various ways individuals express and set themselves different from others. It also encompasses the differences within families, cultural groups, ethnicity, race, economical standing, gender, etc. The beauty of diversity lays within complex myriad of… Despite meeting people from all over the country and world (Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland) not one person I spoke with was of African-American descent.   In my own words, empowerment is the ability of an individual or group to experience self-actualization. This self-actualization takes place when the individual makes a choice to pursue fulfillment and meaning in life through the support and encouragement of healthy relationships, community, and personal choice.

Empowerment involves encouragement, strength,  The recent online #MeToo trend that grew from accusations of sexual assault and harassment by Harvey Weinstein has developed into a movement whereby survivors who have experienced some form of sexual assault, harassment, and/or abuse are now stepping forward and sharing their stories. I have been drawn to this movement through my own experiences and by the strength and courage that develop from discussing the topic. I now look for ways to speak about the issue of sexual assault among my friends and in the classroom as well as planning a fundraising and awareness concert for KC-CASA either this semester or next semester. By discussing this topic with others, I am participating in an indirect form of empowerment as it provides more awareness and understanding of the issue and opens up communication between individuals and groups of people.

This awareness assists in building a community where survivors are strengthened and emboldened by supportive communities.    David Carnes – O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus    


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