Question: 1SuratHajjat ??is a clear and beautiful picture of moral rules. It gives centralideas and key values ??to eliminate the foundations of an ideal society, whichwill create a perfect and peaceful life, a fair, mutual respect, love andharmony in Muslim Ummah. You must describe ten ethical principles from SunnahAnswer:Theprinciples of peaceful society described in Surah al-Haj are considered:1.There are always two sides of a story.

You always hear the conditions of bothsides2.If two people are upset, stop them and always keep on justice.3.Do not call anyone or make fun of everyone.4.

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Never make any argument.5.Do not try to find any mistake, it will only cause problems and battles.6.

Because of this there is no good thing to hate.7.Helps poor and poor, they have the rights.8.Unity is the best defense Muslims, so be united forever.

9.Islam never supports racism bases on racism and fights.10.Islam for Muslims is their allegiance and success, so Islam and Muslim Ummahfor stand. Question 2:Inwhich case we parents can not disobey. To support your answer, just refer to abetrayal of a Hadith.

Answer:Accordingto the Qur’an, if your parents have said that you are instead of others insteadof Allah.(SuratANKABOOT, verse 8)Hadithnarrated from the hadeeth of Na’as bin Samin: Allah said, “One creature isnot obeyed when it is a creator of disobedience in the presence of theperson.”(Al-Ma’amah,Hadith: 3696)Explanation:-Themessage from this Hadith is that your parents are never disobedient even ifthey are non-Muslims unless you order other than God’s worship or anything elseagainst God’s command. .Therefore,to fulfill every order of their parents, it is the priority of all because theyhave the right to do everything, but in the circle of Islam.

If they exit thelimits of Islam, you should not obey them and this will not be your sin on anysin. 


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