Quantum medicine             The concept            Unlike traditional/conventional medicine, which perceives the human body as an addition of several organs, quantum medicine develops a more holistic approach according to which the body is composed of particles of light, called photons, which gives off a vibratory field. With that in mind, the key idea of this medicine is that ‘Human health would be managed by informational exchanges between cells and not by the biochemical relationships they maintain’, the basic postulate that underlies classical medicine. “The symptom, and even more the pathology, would be the result of a deficit or an anomaly in this information.

” In that luminous universe, the spirit and the matter do only one.This type of medicine presents also another major interest: that of being able to remotely treat any pathology or a bad-being since it uses only the energy and the intention which act instantaneously outside any space-time. This is called, in Unified Quantum physics, the law of Entanglement.            Therapists using this technic refer to Albert Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2 as they translate it as “matter is a condensed form of energy”.

From this affirmation rises a paradigm: “all therapy must be based on the use of small doses of electromagnetic radiation called quanta of energy”, hence the name of quantum medicine.Quantum medicine claims to “correct functional abnormalities that have led to a pathology by sending corrective information aiming to find a state of equilibrium that is called a state of health.” This energetic action therefore uses electromagnetic radiation intended, according to its promoters, to influence in a coherent manner the functions of the cell, tissues and organs of the patient.

“These electromagnetic emissions must be in unison with the biophysical processes of energy information of the living organism, this is called bio-resonance. “”Quantum therapies employ all types of biologically compatible radiation to restore the consistency of information altered by disease. “. They would also provide the body with a capacity for self-healing.            In addition to Einstein’s equation, quantum medicine invokes other notions of fundamental physics: the superposition of states, illustrated by the image of Schrödinger’s cat that can be both dead and alive, the principle of uncertainty or the notion that, as soon as we observe a phenomenon at the quantum level, we modify it. These notions taken from quantum physics will be used to explain the influence of the mind on matter.    * quantum physics would explain intercellular communication;   The wave-particle duality is an analogy of duality between the body and the mind;   * Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle would show that science is not enough to know everything and that a “complementary paradigm” must be found.

   * The observer has a role in the quantum world, so the observer could influence the matter, so the consciousness could influence the matter, so the observer could decide the healing.             Biofeedback  As part of a quantum therapy, the doctor is only a kind of relay through which the information carrying the message of healing will pass. In other words, this alternative medicine bases its therapeutic concept on the intrinsic resources of the individual and on his ability to heal himself by mobilizing his energy.

To help it, the practitioner has quantum biofeedback devices, such as the SCIO electro-photonic imaging machine or the LIFE system, which allow him to visualize the magnetic waves that flow through the patient’s body. The therapy then consists of returning corrective frequencies as soon as the device detects frequency anomalies, so as to restore a kind of energy balance. We then speak of bioresonance to qualify the emission of electromagnetic radiation aimed at influencing cell function.


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