Pursuing further studies in foreigncountries is an opportunity sought after by many students to increase theirchances of attaining good jobs. For students living in developing countries, ifthey have the resources and the opportunity, they do not hesitate on takingthis opportunity as of when it arises (Ludlum, Ice, and Sheetz-Nguyen, 2013).  However, this opportunity has its ownchallenges, which in most cases are unknown to these students. Some of thechallenges might be overwhelming for the students and some may end up quittingtheir studies for other opportunities like engaging in unskilled employment.

Oneof the challenges faced by foreign students is, for instance, language barrier.A requirement by the universities in such countries is that students are first requiredto enroll for classes to learn the local language. The length of the studiesabroad will be longer as most of these classes are for a period of one year. Studentsstudying abroad will tend to feel lonely, especially if they are in a countrywhere they do not have relatives.

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  Advances in modern communication havebridged the gap where one can communicate with their families back at homethrough video communication. However, this cannot entirely replace the feelingof the physical presence of being with your family. This challenge may influenceone’s studies more so, in situations where one had close bonds with the familyback home. The other challenges include adapting to a different climate like winter;there is also the aspect of culture shock where one has to adapt to newpractices and habits. Universities abroad are expensive not unless it isfinanced through a grant or scholarship.

Fees for foreign students are highercompared to those of the native students; hence, the cost of living for foreignstudents is expensive. Nonetheless, the benefits of studying abroad justify thedifficulties; it is a small price to pay for what one will reap in the end.  


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