PurposeA local theatre company has tasked us with the creation and implementation of a theatre managing software for Jean-Paul Sartre Variety Theatre. The software is to be deployed internally to be used in conjunction with the currently implemented telephone booking system improve the management of booking and seat reservations for the plays that the theatre hosts.ScopeThe aim of this report is to cover the development process that the group went through during the development of the software that is to be implemented in the Jean-Paul Sartre Variety Theatre systems.With the software itself being complex to create using a strict specification that must be followed  in order to ensure that the software meets the needs of the theatre. There will be a variety of parts present in any software development life cycle that will be present in this report.This report will include a list of requirements for the software based on the specification that the theatre provided aiming to explain in a clear and unambiguous manner just how these requirements will be actually implemented into the software to ensure it meets the needs of the user. With the intended user being theatre staff with little software development/management experience this report will also include a summary of the internal design of the system which will presented through the use of visual aid in the form of use cases, class and activity diagrams supported by text explaining a wide variety of parts of the software such as how the user will interact with the software itself to how the software works in the backend.

In order to ensure that the software is acceptable to be implemented into the theatre’s systems a comprehensive test plan is present in this report testing the software against the requirements that were set for it as well as testing that all ways in which the user interacts with the software work as required and deliver the required output. The aim of these tests is to demonstrate that the program follows the set specification and to demonstrate  just how the requirements for it were implemented.These test will be specified in sufficient detail to ensure that they could be conducted and measured by someone who is not familiar with the software. The final part of the report will summarise the management of the project.

This section will explain how the group  was organised and the process that was followed during the software’s development.This will be presented through the use of a portfolio that will  include group organisational work such as  project plans, agendas, meeting minutes as well as a role breakdown of each member of the group explaining their contribution and responsibilities to the project.OverviewThe aim of this report is to explain the various factors that were considered and analysed during the development process of the software that the theatre project intends to implement. These factors that should be taken into consideration in any software development process as they the driving force that ensures that the development team know just what is required from the final product.

This report is split into sections with each of these being an area that needs that needs to be considered when undergoing a large project in a group. This includes the initial building blocks of the software development project such as the requirements that need to be implemented in the project to ensure that it is suitable.


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