Sometime there is an inconvenient for us by using a public conveyance to a place, as each time we using the public conveyance we have to prepare the small change or wait in queue at the cash lane to complete the transaction. Although in the KTM station, we have the machine that which can use for buying the ticket but most of the time it was damaged. Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd has realized there are a gap that between consumer requirement and the issue of the public conveyance. Therefore, in 1997 Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd have provided a contact less method means of fare payment services via a pre-paid e-payment card called the Touch ‘n Go card which can be fulfill the gap of the marketplace.Touch ‘n Go card is electronic purses that can be use for paying the toll fee at all highway in Malaysia and it also can be use for defray the major public transport in Klang Valley.

The function of this card is similarly as a credit card. User can continue use it as long as the money inside the card still enough to pay off the transportation fee. And the card can be reloading at the toll plaza, KTM station and ever can use the ATM to reload the money into the card.Reload denomination is ranging from RM20 to RM500. Touch ‘n Go is using computerization to record the card value and it do not need the human resource to control it. It have been saving the time for people, as Touch ‘n Go card improve the speed of paying for low value but high frequency transaction. It is able to lower the transaction time efficient at the point of usage and reduce the problem that which of preparing the small change for the toll fee or public conveyance fare especially during the traffic jam and knock off.

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Moreover, Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd have also provide different function of card to satisfy the demand of consumer.Although Touch ‘n Go card have been convenient to us, but it still have a drawback which is we still need to stop the car and open the window for using the card. Thereby, Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd had created a machine that which can combination with the card allow user to pay the toll with drive-though convenience without stopping the car or open the window and we cal it “SmartTAG”. SmartTAG have 4 times faster than cash lane as 40 milliseconds to across the lane. The SmartTAG will transfer the information between the card and the toll system via infrared at the dedicated lane. Though, some of the small toll might no have the SmartTaG lane, they still can use the Touch ‘n Go Card to cross the toll.

Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd has monopolized the whole marketplace in Malaysia. Although, Touch ‘n Go card is not popular in other States of Malaysia. But I believe that in the future this card will become the main implement for Malaysian use for public conveyance and forecast of the company will have a good prospect.Bibliography:A.

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