Public policy is considered to be one of the most important actions, which are taken by the government in order to improve certain sphere of life and set up necessary regulations. In other words, public policy is one more attempt from government’s side to help citizens solve current issues and live in accordance with some common laws. There are several types of public policy, which will be examined in this paper: economic policy, foreign policy, and social policy. All these kinds of public policy have something in common and have certain differences, which have to be mentioned. The nature of public policy types is quite unique that makes each sphere of life rather significant.

It is necessary to admit that public policy is “an important in defining prevailing values (politics) as it is defining solutions to prevailing problems (through government).” (Gerston 7) So, it is rather evident that each kind of public policy has its own peculiarities and should be considered separately. Economic policy is all about the actions, which governmental representatives prefer to take within the economic field only. Labor market, interest rates, and ownership – these and many other issues are under control of economic policy. The major goal that the representatives of economic policy want to achieve is connected with inflation, economic growth and development, problems with unemployment, etc. One of the brightest examples of economic policy is the case with taxes, where early civilizations decided whether to permit or forbid trade and whether it is possible to tax it. The representatives from Ptolemaic Egypt chose closed currency policy; this decision allowed them to have numerous foreign affairs with other countries and develop day by day.

Social policy touches upon the issues, connected to human welfare and improvement of living conditions. As an integral part of public policy, social policy deals with social issues discussed and evaluated by the governmental entities. In comparison to economic policy, this type of policy helps to improve education, housing, and social security.

To my mind, legislation of slavery may serve as a good example of social policy. However, this very step brought more harm to people, than helped. As a rule, black people suffered from being under control of white people and doing all dirty work in order to live and bring up their children. The last kind of public policy, foreign policy, is responsible for international relations with other countries on different levels. I think that this very type of public policy unites any other types, as it deals with political, social, and even military issues. As for me, one of the examples of foreign policy was the events of the September 11th 2009. When the Twin Towers were destroyed, Arabs demonstrated their anger and discontent with the politics of the United States.

So many innocent lives were lost; and the mistake may lie in wrong foreign policy. Taking into consideration all these examples and brief explanation of public policy kinds, it is possible to say that each type has a considerable impact on citizens and their relations with the representatives of other country. However, to my mind, foreign policy turns out to be more dangerous for people, as it is impossible to examine the potential of the foreign country; it is impossible to foresee foreigners’ actions; and it may be impossible to save own lives. This is why it is better to take proper actions within any kind of public policy and have good relations with all countries in order to provide our future generation safe and sound future.

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