Smoking is considered to be one of the most burning problems of modern society.

Cigarettes kill so many people each year that it turns out to be very difficult to present concrete numbers concerning how many Americans die because of smoking. People know a lot about the risk of dying because of lung cancer, caused by smoking, however, they still continue smoking and do not pay attention to really useful information and warnings. To my mind, observing the effects of smoking by means of pictures should help to evaluate how dangerous smoking could be and what should be done to prevent deaths because of smoking.

Picture #1 The approaches, I choose to evaluate the problem of smoking, present a clear picture of smoking and its effects on people. A smoldering cigarette (Picture # 1) does not present certain danger; and even when a person smokes (Picture # 2), people do not feel any fear or loathing. However, when we see an embryo with a cigarette (Picture # 3) and comprehend how smoking is dangerous to unborn children, some terrible emotions appear, and smoking does not seem so simple and harmless. This is why the only thing people should do is to quit smoking and start smiling (Picture # 4). Picture #2 A smoker promotes own life’s end; this person does not have a face or even gender (Picture # 2). Smoking is dangerous to people and deprives them from a chance to live long and happy.

The tone of my message by means of these photos is not about fear, but about the reality that is around people. It is about smoking as something integral to this life, as something that has a certain impact even on not yet born people. This is why, in order to prevent a disaster, we should quit smoking, become healthy, and start smiling. These photos create a kind of emotional imagery that demonstrates how influential smoking can be. Picture #3 The audience for these photos may be rather different: teenagers, who find smoking not dangerous; mothers, who should care about their future and current children; old people, who should serve as good examples and promote young people to drop this terrible habit.

In fact, these pictures can be interesting and useful to everyone from different places, who are just interested in making this world healthier and safer. Smoking is a disaster, and people should be ready to fight against it. Picture #4 The Pictures # 2 and 4 are taken from the Internet; the Picture # 3 is from one scientific web-article that tells how smoking is dangerous to kinds. The Picture # 1 is taken from a local campaign. The person, who smokes this cigarette, does not want to be recognized, because he is not proud of what he is doing and thinks how to drop this bad habit soon.


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