PublicRelations is old as human civilization.

There are different examples in variousform, content and end use. In the Ramayana there was a person called Bhadra whoworked for Rama and kept him updated about popular feeling and perceptions.InIraq, a clay tablet was found which was used to tell the Sumerian famers how todo better agriculture.Comingto Political PR, in 64 BC elections were held in Rome, There were twocandidates Antonius and the second candidate was an outsider Marcus Cicero.Many of the privileged families, who held the most of power in Rome, votingfor such a new candidate was unlikely. The brother of Marcus, Quintus wrote aletter to him on how to proceed with an campaign and win an election. Thisletter was probably the first publication on elections and political publicrelations.

Inthe letter, Quintus mentioned some points as followed1.      Securingthe support of friends 2.      Knowingyour enemies 3.      CultivateRelationships ‘4.       Three things which secure votes – Favours ,hope and personal attachment Whatit explains that practice of political public relations is old as politics andsociety. Also the political PR strategies and tactics have their roots inhistory Public Relations is all about the wayorganisations communicate with the public ,promote themselves and build apositive reputation and public image. The way an organisation appeared as inthe media has huge impact on how people see it.

PR try to influence the mediato represent their organisation positively and deliver important messages.Political PR is a process of sharing information among party members and thegeneral public through the different mediums. It can also be defined as anorganized process used as a response for the chances of organisation survivaland growth in and political environment. In India, political parties arerapidly using different mediums to execute their plans in order to winpolitical power.  The accomplishment ofany political party today totally depends upon the way of communication betweenthe political party members and general public. PR is now an important for thepolitical organisation in order to communicate and share the tasks with bothinternal and external public.

Media has become more important, they cover theopinion of public which hep political parties to make changes. PR also helps toreceive and record knowledge from public to political organisation. The Publicmust be informed about what is going on in the government structures, which isthe foundation of every democratic society, but at the same time politiciansmust have an insight into public opinion. The state must provide society witheverything that an individual cannot realize. Media Management and informationmanagement are the most crucial activities of the Political PR.

These activitiesare connected with the non-ethical communication, which aims on mediamanipulation and manipulation of the public. Working of Public Relations inmodern political parties and government are a mixture of marketing andpropaganda. This is view of PR activities means that the political actors oftenwant to persuade people in the sense of political ideas and contents by using aone way, manipulative communication process. Public Relations is a legitimateactivity used for the purpose of explain of explaining official politics tocitizens and the political actors in the communication process. There is an oldsaying that in a society, there are leaders, there will be a mutual relation oflove and hate between the leading party and opposition. It is not easy for apolitical person or organization to manage or to serve in the context ofconstant conflicts. Political People and organisation use differentcommunication mixtures to achieve goal of political communication.

  Theconcept and implication of public relations is always in contrast of otherdepartments such as marketing, management and journalism. In the case ofpolitical PR, the field where study and action focuses on political bodies,government and political actors. Political PR is interconnected with politicalcommunication, political marketing and political relations. Political PR istool for development of communication for both internal and external public.

PoliticalPR holds its origin from the American Politics, which is fact for the use oftechniques that are always helpful for campaigns to attract public in thefavour of American Presidents. Probably the first real political consultantalso known as ‘father of PR’ Edward L. Bernays.

He suggested some ways to thegovernment and political leaders to gain the supports of the masses flawlesslyand completely. He accredit the invention among others and media that says PRis a collection of instruments that will help the creation of public allowance,it is set of relationship techniques with media that is relevant today also. Inaddition Edward also backs the relevance of promotion and manipulation ofideas, events and people.   


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