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Standards Name Scope Flicker & Harmonics Testing EN61000-3-2 Harmonic Current Testing Applies to the limitation of harmonic currents, which are fed into the public low-voltage network EN61000-3-3 Voltage Flicker Testing Applies to the limitation of voltage fluctuations and flicker, which are fed on the public low-voltage supply network Immunity Testing EN61000-4-2 Electro Static Discharge Operating behavior

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In Me, Myselfand Irene, the main character, Charlie, has dissociative identity disorder.A dissociative disorder is a condition that involves disruptions inconsciousness, memory, identity, or perception. Dissociative identity disordercan be characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality statesthat take control of the persons behavior. Charlie started off as a happy, newlywedand normal guy.

High nonlinear effects (such as SPM) are responsible

Highspeed communications and computations are the main industrial and academicdemands. Optical method is one of interesting alternatives for doing this purpose1.FiberOptic communication offers higher frequency transmission of signals withgreater bit rate and larger data carrying capacity over a long distance. Thismeans of data transmission is with a lower loss and interference if compared tothe normal

The in mobile screen movements using Fitts’ paradigm.

The mainobjective of the study was set to model point-and-select task on graphicalelements (targets) to predict user performance in touch in mobile screenmovements using Fitts’ paradigm. This part of the study tests few hypotheses to set a direction to facilitatepointing task by changing Fitts’ two parameters (distance and width of a target). Results are analyzed to gain thetechniques

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            There are three ways to do sociologicalresearch. One way is positivist sociology, which is the study of society basedon scientific observation of social behavior. Positivist research discoversfacts through the use of science. Science is a logical system that develops knowledgefrom direct, systematic observation. Positivist sociology is sometimes called empiricalsociology because it is based on


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