Psychological tests,
also known as psychological evaluation, underlie this, as psychologists better
analyze the individual and his models. It is a problem-solving process for many
specialists – an attempt to determine the basics of a person’s mental or mental
health problems, IQ, personality or any other component. Furthermore, it is a
process that not only helps to identify weaknesses, but also their talents.

Psychological tests
measure a person’s performance at a specific point. Psychologists discuss
“the current operating mode” of someone in the conditions of the test
data. Therefore, psychological tests can not predict future or innate potential
(Framingham, 2016).

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Psychological tests are
divided into four main types:

• Evaluation of
intellectual functions (IQ)

• Behavioral diagnosis

• Evaluation of the

• Clinical conversation

Types and examples of
psychological tests

Intelligence tests are
used to measure intelligence or the ability to understand, interact and learn
from the people’s environment. Intelligence tests include:

• Wechsler Adult
Intelligence Scale (WAIS)

• Wechsler Intelligence
Size for Children (WISC)

• Stanford-Binet
Intelligence Range (SB)

Personality tests are
used to evaluate the types and characteristics of the personality. Personality
examinations are often found in research and also facilitate medical diagnosis.
Examples of personality tests are:

• -Minnesota
Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)

• Rorschach, also known
as inkjet test

• Thematic belief test

Sensitivity tests, such
as the Likert range or the Thurstone dimension, are used to evaluate the way a
person considers a particular event, place, person or object.

Performance tests are
used to evaluate your understanding of a particular topic (for example, Test to
acquire math). Fitness exams are used to assess skills in a specific area (eg
administrative skills) (Framingham, 2016).


The tests are used in
almost every country in the world for guidance, selection and location. Tests
take place in various environments, such as schools, open public services,
industry, medical care centers and clinics.

Most people have
dozens of tests and did not think about it. But enough time for the typical
specifications to reach retirement age, it is likely that the results of the
psychological test will determine its fate. The deviation of lifespan through
the results of psychological tests can be simple, because the mathematical
future qualifies for the interval of accelerated calculations based on dozens
of performances of the tenth school. More generally, the results of mental
health tests profoundly change an individual vacation spot. That person is
admitted to the convention 


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