Psoriasis Raises Your Risk for Other HealthProblems. Which are these health problems and why does it get affected dueto psoriasis? Patients with psoriasis are more likely than otherpeople to have other health conditions listed here.Inflammatory arthritis “psoriatic arthritis” andspondyloarthropathy (in up to 40% of patients with earlyonset chronic plaque psoriasis)Inflammatory bowel disease (Crohndisease and ulcerative colitis)Uveitis (inflammation of the eye)Coeliac diseaseMetabolic syndrome: obesity, hypertension,hyperlipidaemia, gout, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetesLocalised palmoplantarpustulosis, generalised pustulosis and acute generalised exanthematous pustulosis Why it gets affected due to Psoriasis isa very lengthy medical explanation for each condition   You might have change in emotions and it is totallyokay to share the same with your doctor? Most patients have been misinformed about thecondition by the internet by non-medical sites and all the ” Googling” that they do resulting in unnecessary worry and fear and taboo aboutPsoriasis .

 A good doctor always spends more time counselling thepatient and their family in order to keep them educated and worry free. Most people are depressed if they have a very largeextent of the body surface area involved or if it hindering their socialrelations as well. So even though Psoriasis does not directly cause achange in emotions , these are often co – existent indirectly. It is always recommended that you share the same withthe Dermatologist , as we individualize Psoraisis treatment protocols for eachpatient . There are also many recent advances and newer medications forPsoriasis which are more effective in maintaining remission .  Changes in lifestyle can a direct implication onpsoriasis.

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 What are your thoughts? Factors that aggravate psoriasis are asfollows : Hence , even though there isnt a singlespecific set of instructions for each patient , they should keep in mind thefollwing list : Streptococcal tonsillitis and other infectionsInjuries such as cuts, abrasions, sunburn (koebnerisedpsoriasis)Sun exposure in 10% (sun exposure is more oftenbeneficial)ObesitySmokingExcessive alcoholStressful eventMedications such as lithium, betablockers, antimalarials, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories andothersStopping oral steroids orstrong topical corticosteroids.  Is there is a direct link between alcoholism andpsoriasis? Methotrexate , which is  a very common drug givento psoriatic patients has serious drug interactions when taken with alcohol .So the patient is strictly asked to restrict his consumption .  Also, flares of psoriasis have been associated withAlcohol .

Hence it is mentioned in the list above .  Can Psoriasis significantly compromise your sex drivetoo? There is no direct medical evidence that sufferingfrom Psoriasis decreases libido / sex drive . But the impact it has mentally onpatients and their self confidence about their physical appearance is usuallythe problem . It also strains sexual relationships if the partner isnot understanding enough . This is the most common problem encountered by mypatients.   Feeling stressful and pessimistic is often directlylinked with being psoriatic.

 It is a vicious cycle  . Stress and Pessimism isnt causative of Psoriasis assuch . It has a more complicated multifactorial etiology .

But , Psoriasiscauses a lot of stress and in turn pessimistic attitude invariably follows .Good counselling and occassional Psychiatric interventions maybe necessary forthe benefit of the patients.   


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