Protecting environment is the main concern nowadays. If we talk about hospitality industry and there housekeeping department, the change over to eco-friendly cleaning practice begins with very basic programs.

Therefore the hotel industry also contributes by building ecotels and by adopting the eco friendly practices, this shows the commitment of hotel industry towards this. By enrolling in LEED certification hotels are going to progress towards the eco-friendly cleaning procedures and practices. and this implementation makes the property more marketable and hopefully, more profitable.Eco-friendly cleaning agents:Eco friendly cleaning procedures like vinegar and baking soda helps hotels to save their costs helps to not to use that harsh chemical that damage the environment. Vinegar, is an fantastic thing to clean all the types glass surfaces, your windows and glasses will be clean perfectly when we make a concentration liquid by mixing vinegar and water. The other thing is baking soda, mix with water or some liquid soap for excellent and spotless cleaning. Baking soda is the best thing to clean wide range of stains. These two things are harmless for the nature and for the health.

Lemon juice is a very good toilet cleaner and smells fresh. It can be used against hard water marks and deposited soap layer or to clean metal and wood surfaces. Lemon peel can be also used as a very good and natural air freshener. Normally the chemicals used at commercial level contain hydrochloric acid, that is very harmful to human body skin and eyes. Eucalyptus and tea-tree oil which are normally scented disinfectants simply put high temp water to it and can likewise be utilized slick to expel sticky surface.

Air fresheners accessible in the market generally contain formaldehyde, which when come in contact of the skin can make it tingling, swell, peel and break out in the hives.Borax is a natural occurring mineral and can be easily mixes in water and is a perfect cleaner for removing grease and hard stains from kitchen and is also work as disinfectant, It can also be used as a water or fabric softener.Saop flakes are the complete translucent pieces of vegetable oils and sanitized water and are biodegradable low dangerous and not at all like cleanser, don’t add to algal blooms in waterways. As cleansers are neither solvent nor biodegradable and once put into water, they have a tendency to stay there, opposing breakdown.Bio Urinal Cake also can convert an existing urinal into water free. It is framed to dissolve slowly, releasing the Naturally Active ingredients and a refreshing scent , which keeps up a perfect, fresh smelling and blockage free urinal with ecological cordial bio-enzymatic activity. It produces chemicals that totally and effectively breakdown the smell causing compound in urine and averts troublesome solids develop in the deplete pipes even without flushing. According to companies Material safety data sheet, the chemical used in the cleaning products are very dangerous to harm human being such as Cause skin disorders and allergic reactions, Irritate mucous membranes and impair respiratory function, Cause Nausea, Vomiting, Dizziness, or Drowsiness.

Recycling and Reuse:Clear demarcation for each type waste like glass, mixed paper, plastic, cardboard, newspaper and toner cartridges etc. Containers must be located in there respectives areas like office area, lobby, guest rooms, staff locker room etc. Always make two sided printing and copying standard practice in your business.

Reduce files made of paper instead of that start saving an electronic files. Start segregating dry and wet garbage in the kitchen and cafeteria or in the back of the house. By grey water recycling waste water from kitchen and guest bathrooms, recycled and then may be used in gardening or in water closet of public area or guest room, which will help in reducing the use of fresh water needed for that purpose. Hotels like ITC grand chola, which is LEED certified hotel, is successfully doing these practice for recycling grey water.Using of native plants (This includes plants that have developed, occur naturally, or existed for many years in an area), that does not require additional water except rain water helps hotel to save water.


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