Project ManagementThe Benfield ColumnRepair ProjectSubmitted by:Team-19AkashS Bathija (CB.BU.P2MBA16008)AkshayN (CB.BU.

P2MBA16012)ProjectDefinitionMake amends in the carbonate regeneration column wherethe fire broke out in Benfield Unit at Sasol as swiftly as possible to resumeoperations at the factory so that no further loss is incurred.ProjectScopeIn this case we have used the Project ManagementBody of Knowledge framework (PMBOK). We have no details about the environmentaland managerial elements in the case. We have only dealt with the developmentphase, the execution phase and the evaluation phase. This would provide anentire idea at the situation at hand and how it would be dealt with. TheProject Analysis·       DevelopmentPhaseThe repair work had to be completed as swiftly aspossible. This was the major issue faced as the factory needed to be online assoon as it was possible.

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So conventional project management techniques whichinvolved creating some ground rules which included information and instructionas to how the project would be executed, that was required for the project tobe completed as swiftly as possible. It along with special techniques whereinnovation, creativity, enthusiasm and commitment had to be given specialattention to complete the repair project. Motivating the workforce would havebeen one of the major challenges. ·       ExecutionphaseThe execution phase includes the various technicalissues that were faced due to the delayed arrival of the material which hadbecome a major issue. Also another major issue was the communication betweenthe people and the individuals that created chaos which could have definitelybeen avoided.

Better understanding and an open ended communication did not workvery well which had impacted the execution phase severely. The financial issuethat existed was to reduce the financial costs to increase the efficiency andprove the financial effectiveness of the project while saving millions ofdollars. The issue of being miles apart and communicating with a 10 hourdifference between the US and SA had become an issue. To motivate workers onthe job for timely completion had also become an issue. Ensuring creativity,enthusiasm and commitment was instilled in the workers had to be monitored anddone. To ensure that every individual involved in the project was taken care ofhad become an important task which was directly related to the success of theproject. Another major challenge in this project was to carry out the projectat the highest possible efficiency.  ·       EvaluationPhaseThe evaluation phase revealed lot of insights as tohow time could have been if they had taken the religious sensitivity of theirworkers into consideration.

The evaluations also revealed a inefficient andineffective communication system of the key people who worked on the field. Theimmediate commencement of the project repair that showed the enthusiasm andcommitment had helped save a lot of time, but the communication could have beenmore effective which would help save a lot of time. SolutionIdentificationVarious solutions like patching up the communicationbetween the people involved in the project, various motivation and enthusiasminstilling techniques, technical feasibility with efficient and effectivesolutions while doing the task in the smartest and most optimum way to savetime which would eventually lead in achieving the most important goal which wasto complete on time. Breaking down the tasks to the individual level could be apossible solution to speed up all the tasks.EvaluationOf SolutionAs we can observe implementation of the solutionshas brought out exceptional results and completing or primary objective whichwas to complete the repair work as soon as it would be possible. This solutioncould have been more effective if all the tasks had been broken down to theindividual level more effectively and efficiently. The various efforts thatwere taken up to motivate, and improve communication among workers had been amajor unique feature which would be remembered for years to come.

ConclusionOur major take away from this repair project is thathow important it is to ensure that all the tasks need to be completed in timewith the effective quality measures in place and also breaking down the tasksto individual level to focus on the importance of timely completion at theindividual level so the project can be completed on time as a whole whilemaking sure the individuals are well informed and aware of the tasks at handand the importance of motivating them for the timely completion had directly beenlinked with the heart of the primary objective of the project. This can berelated with the immediate commencement of the project repair that showed theenthusiasm and commitment and also the creativity that was used in the positivesense to achieve optimum efficiency is a major learning take away in this case.Importance of Efficient and effective communication is also a learning we cantake away.

. A final learning from this case is that how important it is tobreakdown tasks to the lowest individual level and ensures that their needs aretaken care of and thus they remain motivated and focused which would eventuallybe a win-win situation with the timely completion of the project taking place. 


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